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alas at least I am fantastic at drawing cacti 

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Mozilla's Boot2Gecko - dial phone numbers using HTML+JS...!

Mozilla Boot to Gecko's JavaScript phone stack and web API dials the phone

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Sweet-looking new ultraportable from Asus.

Pretty glowing review from PC mag:,2817,2395187,00.asp#fbid=ViXU8rh1vX4

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Groupon, LivingSocial, Trubates, Scoutmob...

...and now!

Is that really a profitable business model?

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Supersekrit Lion OSX feature in Preview: annotating pdfs with your signature!

Realized today that to view a clipboard link in Firefox, you don't have to open a new tab, click on the url bar, paste your url, hit enter. You can just "paste" with FF in focus, and it automatically does all of that for you! Cool beans.

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yosemite is kind of EPIC
August 3, 2011 (28 photos)
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