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The internet needs to continue to be a free exchange of ideas.  Is there extremism and lies on the net?  Sure, but that means that people need to become educated and understand how to determine fact from fiction.   The internet is an important source of information and no group should determine what can be posted or not.  We have to take responsibility for our viewing and beliefs.

Mike and I are looking at developing an Internet on-demand program that would cover a variety of subjects including the great things Idaho has to offer, highlighting our local companies, and things that just make our life better.  We'll have more detail later.  Anyway, I am curious if we do pursue this if there would be anyone interested in sponsoring our programming.  Some of you may remember the Idaho Examiner which we ran for 18 mos. until professional differences forced us out of the company.  This would be smaller scale with us retaining all control so the quality would remain intact.  Also, we are looking at being informational so that visitors would always have the ability to learn more through source materials.  Please contact with any questions or thoughts or interest in participating.

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Don't miss Ken Andrus Interview with Mark Richardson! Oct. 13, 4:05-4:30 pm - Mark Richardson will interview on East Idaho News, tune into AM 690! Please share with your friends and family!

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Ken will be at the following events this month:

Oct. 6, 6:30 pm Downey Civic Center Forum

Oct. 8, 2-4:00 pm SICOG Town Meeting

Oct. 20, 7:00 pm League of Women Voters Forum - City of Pocatello - City Hall

Oct. 21, 5:15 - 6:15pm Portneuf Rotary - Portneuf Valley Brewery

Also watch for his interview with Pocatello Public Television on Channel 11.

Please check out Rep. Ken Andrus' updated web site at

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Official Website for Idaho Voters:

Official Website for Bannock County Voters:

Just copy in your browser - has information on who can vote, where to vote, and much more.

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A first step to a new future.

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Here is info from Craven on how to get results in Bingham County:
 Dan Cravens
Hi for my friends out of town here is a link to the election results for the Blackfoot mayor's race.

The polls close at 8pm MST

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I may have confused the KPVI report with Local News 8, which had more info the KPVI.  I apologize for the confusion, however, the Local News 8 report does show a definite pattern when it comes to how Kevin England looks at challenges that Chubbuck faces.  It is well worth watching critically before you decide to vote. 

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I have updated our political page with Ryan Lewis' information.  He is running for a council position in Chubbuck.  Please make a point of learning more about Mr. Lewis before November 5!   Visit:
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