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Kimi Wilson

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How do I explain that I don't work for free?

Well, I stuck my foot in it. A couple of months ago, I created a logo for a friend of mine... free of charge. We weren't looking to do business together of any kind, I felt like doing something nice, my artsy brain was tingling and it was admittedly a good opportunity to get my work in front of a different crowd.

This same friend would now like to do business with me - specifically, a website. When i asked about their logo, they told me they didn't have one and "If you would like to submit a few ideas for logo or branding we would be happy to take a look at them." Yes, I'm sure you would...

I don't do work for free... not actual work. The previously created logo was for fun. There were no deadlines, no customer breathing down my neck, no concerns of money exchanging hands or a business presence being tied to it. I do not feel that I should guilt trip myself into doing work free just because this person is a friend or because I have created a logo for them for free previously. In fact, those are the exact reasons I know I need to put my foot down and make clear that this is a business transaction. I want to avoid the idea that I'm doing any of this as a favor.

Trouble is, how do I explain that to them without sounding... snotty?
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Just send them a pricing estimate (quote) with your response as you would with any normal client. No need to explain why you charge. Either they accept it or they don't. 
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Guess who just purchased her ticket to see Ender's Game Halloween night? THIS GIRL. <3
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Kimi Wilson

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Kimi Wilson

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Dear Windows Updater,

I think it would be much more fair if instead of asking me if I want to postpone you restarting my computer (while I'm in the kitchen, making food!), you simply not shut down at all until I ask you to. Thank you for costing me hours of work.

a very unhappy designer 
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Kimi Wilson

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Kimi Wilson

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My wish list this year is full if nail polish. Any will do! I definitely need to stock back up.
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Kimi Wilson

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ENDER'S GAME SPOILER ALERT #endersgamemovie  

I couldn't have planned it more perfectly. I wasn't sure how crowded the theater would be. For starters, it's Halloween and a lot of people would be out. But... it's Halloween and a lot of people would have been out with their children and I imagine finding a babysitter for the sake of seeing a movie would have been very difficult. But still... it's the opening of a movie that a lot of people have been waiting many years for.

I told everyone to buy their tickets ahead of time. I think maybe more people would have opted to go if they didn't think we'd all be stuck in a long line waiting to see this movie. I honestly thought there would be more of a crowd to deal with. Fortunately, it wasn't crowded at all and I think maybe 20 people tops were in the 200-seat room.

The movie was fantastic. It was honestly everything I could have hoped for. I am so incredibly pleased. Yes, of course there were a few things left out that I wish they hadn't... things I think would have helped those who hadn't read the book. But then again... screw those people. The book is older than I am. Read it damnit.

The movie completely cuts out Peter and Valentine's political strides. Frankly, I'm kind of glad. That part of the book while important in its own right, really had nothing to do with Ender or what was happening to him up at Battle School. We hardly even see Peter - he might of had 5 minutes of screen time. I'm okay with that. We see and experience just enough of him to express to non-book readers just what kind of brother he is to Ender. I wish we'd seen Valentine a little more. She's so important to Ender and I believe she has a lot to do with how he progresses.

My only other issue is that during battle school, the movie makes it seem like they just think Ender is really good and therefor is being promoted... rather than expressing to the audience just how fucked up it all is and how badly they are jerking Ender around.
They completely skip over Ender training with the launchies regularly during his free time as well as the constant battle games. They cut directly to him battling 2 armies at once, without expressing how screwed up the situation is nor how unusual to the Battle School. Again, not something that makes the movie any less... I just think it would have made the conclusion have the affect it was meant to.

I know maybe that sounds like a lot, but for such a short read (seriously, I think Ender's Game is less than 400 pages) a hell of a lot happens. When I think about it, it's actually kind of crazy how much happens in such a short book. They made some otherwise very appropriate cuts while staying very true to the book. I was worried about a love story between Petra and Ender being pushed too heavily but they handled it nicely. There are some very important lines from the book said aloud that made me just squee with delight.

I don't know if a non book reader would like the movie. I have no idea how it measures up in that regard. But damn... I sure am happy. 
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Kimi Wilson

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From most recent to oldest... check out how gracefully I aged this year. ;)
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nice pic
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Kimi Wilson

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Sales Associate at Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair & Freelance Graphic Artist, SEO expert and WordPress Enthusiast.
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    FAST-FIX is the world’s largest jewelry and watch repair franchise. Each FAST-FIX store is independently operated.
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    The Alluring Artist creates affordable custom designs, builds simple and effective branding strategies tailored to your business and offers unique solutions to your business needs… all while treating you the way you would treat your own customers – with professionalism and understanding. We work with small businesses to design brand strategies that incorporate the look and feel each company has envisioned for themselves. Customers come from all corners of the small business world and as a small business, we want to translate your ideas and vision into beautiful artwork that you can be proud of!
  • Guilty Pleasures
    Sales Associate, 2012 - 2013
    Guilty Pleasures is the largest and most upscale adult novelty stores in the Charleston, SC area. As a sales associate, I have the important task of being knowledgeable about everything “sex-positive”. Customer service is a priority and finding the right product is key. I am highly knowledgeable about literally thousands of different adult toys, books, novelties and lingerie that the store carries.
  • Lionheart Virtual Real Estate
    Account Manager, 2010 - 2012
    Lionheart Virtual Estate is a Second Life based real estate company for which I embraced a variety of jobs and titles. My most prominent responsibility involved customer service and responding to incoming landowner support inquiries related to the use of their land, contract information and other platform related issues.
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Lover of all things related to WordPress, Doctor Who, My little Pony, Nail Polish, Technology, and Food. Consider me a well-rounded Geek.

I've got 99 problems and Steven Moffat is all of them. We're talking Doctor Who to Dr. Horrible kind of geekage. Secret of Mana to Zelda. Star Trek to Star Wars. Old School Nintendo to Nintendo Wii. Harry Potter to Hunger Games. Big Bang Theory to pfft who are we kidding? There's no other show out there which accurately portrays geekery at its finest. Getting the picture? Geeks represent.

My "real" job consists of me working as a sales associate at the largest and most upscale adult novelties store in the Charleston, SC area. But when I'm not pedding butt lube and big dongs to strangers, I spend my free time working from home as a logo & graphic designer, brand establishing, WordPress obsessed entrepreneur.

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