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Alexander Anderson
Mathematical modeller working on Cancer
Mathematical modeller working on Cancer

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Dear Colleague,

We are currently organizing the 4th Integrated Mathematical Oncology (IMO) workshop that will run from November 17-21st at Moffitt (see link for flyer below). This workshop is designed to motivate and facilitate a hands-on modeling experience focused on Viruses in Cancer. Comprising of both an educational event and competition and for the 1st time, run in conjunction with Moffitt's, Center for Infection Research in Cancer. The workshop will divide into four teams (or maybe 5) integrating clinical, experimental and theoretical members that will focus their energies on developing and implementing a mathematical model focused on understanding the role of viruses in cancer. Both infection, progression and treatment are all possible focuses - provided viruses are central to the research question. Each team consists of around 10-12 participants from mixed disciplines and career stages, chosen to provide complimentary skills to help the 3 team co-leaders achieve success.  The teams are expected to come up with a question, build a model, solve it and give a presentation all within 4 intense days. The morning of the 18th and the morning of the final day, the 21st, are dedicated to presentations and judging. 

A new addition to this years workshop will be an opportunity for participants to showcase their own research during a poster session on the 17th, this will be preceded by a "speed dating for scientists" to break the ice among diverse groups of scientists. To facilitate integration and motivate participation we are offering an Amazon gift voucher to active participants of the winning team and to the runner up team. I am also pleased to say that the leaders of the winning team will be awarded a $50K pilot grant, that will be administered primarily by the IMO but most likely will facilitate experimental and clinical validation. 

For the 2nd year running we are offering travel awards, these are extremely limited and competitive - not a first come first served basis. Each award will cover flight + accommodation + per diem for up to 5 nights and allow for both national and international scientists to participate in this unique hands on educational event. If you are a Postdoc, PhD student or junior faculty interested in participating in the workshop as a team player, please register asap at and follow instructions. Time is very tight, so please don't wait to register for this exciting opportunity. 

Download the workshop flyer here:
Register for the workshop here:



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A success story for Warburg's Lens
I've been travelling a lot of late, which I'll blog about on its own in a bit (including a 'best of the best' coffee machines post), but I heard a story from a friend, which triggered a memory which I want to share. It took a moment, but I realised that a w...

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Fans of science in Tampa, this might whet your appetite...
Go and get your (free) tickets so we can tell how many of you will be coming. It will be worth your while.

#pint2014 #science #festival #tampa

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Very proud of +Arturo Araujo and +Leah Cook for being featured in the latest issue of Cancer Research as an example of how the integration of mathematics and biology can unleash a new era of cancer research. Congrats to them two!

Also, (not coincidentally) our paper presenting a model of prostate to bone metastases is out in Cancer Research.

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They are not frightened to say "shit"!
The UK version of the recent article about #IMO. +Alexander Anderson 
a few interesting (small) changes I've noticed so far...

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Cool new interactive music timeline create by google.

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Nice info graphic style video explaining evolution.

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Nice post by Jake on his cloud based workflow and the tools he's using to make it a easy as possible to collaborate with international colleagues.
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