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Hotel & Resort Internships around Japan!
Hotel & Resort Internships around Japan!
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We are consolidating our social media with our partner, boobooSKI, and will no longer be maintaining our G+ page: you can still follow us on:
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or via our website at ! :)

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上 うえ ue / Up
下 した shita / Down
右 みぎ migi / Right
左 ひだり hidari / Left
👉 more...

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A (belated) welcome to Thomas, Grace and Fetine who started working at a Beach Resort in Okinawa a few weeks ago! Hope you're having fun!! #okinawa   #japan   #resort  

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Want to do an Internship in a Ski Resort in Japan this year? Offers going out daily! Apply now and expect an offer within 2 weeks!

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みなさん、こんにちは。今日の漢字は「前」です。   漢検9級★JLPT N5
Hi, everyone. Today's kanji is 前. 
One meaning of 前 is before.
> 前進(ぜんしん)// advance, ahesd 
> 以前(いぜん)// before 
> 前兆(ぜんちょう)// sign, omen  
> 二人前(ににんまえ)// meals for two   

I hope this video will help you with your kanji learning. (^^)
☆ More videos of kanji and hiragana 
>> Please visit my YouTube channel “万葉学舎”!

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Some of the best snippets from last year's Ski video competition. Big thanks to James, Jaqi & Sam for the awesome footage! :)

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Today in my rainbow Classroom I аm practicing how to change Japanese verbs from MASU-form to negative NAI-form ♪

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Rate Hidden Beauty #1 of the We Love Japan Tour: Zamami Island, Okinawa:
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