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A minimalist and shareable internet start page.
A minimalist and shareable internet start page.

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Hint: All 3x3Links users share logos for websites (we are social!). Want a custom logo for a link? Upload a private logo and assign it!

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Today's bugfixes on 3x3Links:

- Smarter resizing: Tile sizes are now determined by Javascript, not CSS. Especially for small window widths, the sizes will be now larger.

- IE6 support. An tiny bug broke the IE6 compatibility of 3x3links. Modern browsers did ignore the bug. Reminder: Always test with IE6! :)

- Widgets: Another "Thank you" to donors who help me covering the hosting costs of 3x3Links. Options -> HTML Widgets -> Happy coding!

Today's bugfixes on 3x3Links:

- If a website has no logo, the default star logo will not be cached. Since the default logo does load quite slow, you should upload some nice logos for each link.

- The "Refresh logos" button is now also available if signed in. If a existing logo was replaced, use it to see it directly.

- If you are using one of your personal links to 3x3Links, the top navigation bar will be transparent if signed in. It was previously black, which distracted a little bit.

- If you did some changed and went back to your homepage, it is loaded from cache and updated if some change was found on the server (which you just did). Sometimes you are faster then the server update which cause a refresh of the page while you were already navigation folders. This does not happens anymore.

Found any other bug? Tell me below.

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Anybody awake? No? Perfect!
Let's go live with the new version.

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Brave +3x3Links user of the internets!
The redesigned version is available as beta at
awaiting your feedback.

There might be bugs, but still I'm eager to hear your feedback!

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For using 3x3Links you need a Google Account. Anyone having a Google Account can join Google+. This seems easier for me then joining Twitter or Facebook to get in contact with me, +Federico Elles, the creator of 3x3Links. What do you think?

Right now I'm working on some improvements on 3x3:
- Image caching using HTML5 Local Storage
- Redesign of the top navigation bar
- A private 3x3Page will detect if you are signed in and offer you more options

Due to the Google App Engine pricing changes, the 3x3Links homepage is a bit empty right now. The background is explained in the related blog post:

Looking forward to your feedback.
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