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We have a holiday in America that some call "Thanksgiving." Since it always falls on Thor's Day (Thursday) and is devoted to feasting & drinking with friends & family, it's more accurately called THOR'S GIVING.

This year, many corporate business have decided to move their massive post-holiday sales onto the holiday itself. Kmart, Walmart, Sears & Toys ''R'' Us have renamed the day "Black Thursday" and are having huge sales to pull customers away from their families. In many cases, they are requiring workers to give up their holiday and work long shifts.

THE THOR'S GIVING PLEDGE states that you will turn your back on this corporate orgy of greed and will, instead, celebrate the holiday with those you love (or at least are related to).

If you agree that THOR'S DAY is about feasting with friends & family (not buying a bunch of junk) please share, repost, tweet, tumble or whatever it is you do on the Interwebs. If you feel like letting the corporations know how you feel, more power to you!

You can find a downloadable version of the Pledge Postcard at
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Thanks to the internet, we're already done!  Now I can spend from now through Yule relaxing with the family.
By Odins beard! Thor's pledge made! 
Our Thanksgiving was last month, but I definitely agree with the sentiment!!
My belly shall be filled with meat and beer!
+Matt BeDell There are multiple news stories out about workers being forced to come in on the Thanksgiving holiday. Not being given a choice is different from voluntary overtime.
And maybe if we don't give them our money the employees can stay home next year.
Huh. Not sure I follow the logic. Are you fellas saying that if we actually have one day that's dedicated to family (not shopping) in America per year, national big box stores will be forced to fire their working staff? That's pretty dark.
Wow. Who knew that Abraham Lincoln declaring a national day of thanks would eventually lead to the destruction of the American economy?
I'll take the pledge, if this isn't a day off for them soon it won't be a day off for anyone either. If we don't treat holidays as important to them then who is it important to?
Between Facebook, Google+, Tumblr & Twitter, approximately 2,000 people have taken the Thor's Giving Pledge (by liking, sharing, posting, retweeting, etc). Rock on.
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