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iOS and Android Apps for the Birding Enthusiast.
iOS and Android Apps for the Birding Enthusiast.


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A new era! A free BirdsEye Upgrade for the original BirdsEye for iOS released today! If you are using the original BirdsEye, please take a moment to read the blog post below about the changes. This upgrade that finally brings BirdsEye in line with the new BirdsEye NA. There are many positives (bar charts, more species, updated taxonomy, eBird list sync, favorites, etc), but also a couple of negatives to be aware of.

If you like the new upgrade, we would really appreciate you taking a moment to write a positive review. As always, your feedback and comments are welcome.
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eBird is making a major push for better coverage in the Caribbean and I hope BirdLog will help:
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BirdsEye & Merlin in today's NY Times. Good reviews feel great!
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It's fun to see good coverage of BirdsEye, especially when it is thoughtful and smart like this article from Diane Doyle for her "Tools of the Trade" column in the latest Birding Magazine published by the American Birding Association:

Here's a link to BirdsEye:
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If we can just figure out how to pass the Bible, we'll be in spot #4!

it's fun to see the Merlin app take off. Based on the Bird ID algorithm developed by Birds in the Hand, we worked in partnership with the Cornell Lab to build the Merlin app.

It's free, so if you're interested in birds check it out. It is perfect for novice birders and is easy for kids to use.

If you do, please take a minute to rate the app. :)
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New release of BirdsEye North America: Count Circles publishing later today!! Updates:

• Updated for iOS 7
• Now includes 1,043 species, including recent additions Sagebrush & Bell's Sparrows, Common Redstart and Rufous-necked Wood-Rail! That's the entire ABA list, plus all of the Hawaiian birds, plus all of the well-established exotics!!
• Display CBC circles on maps
• See bar charts for sightings within CBC circles
• Search for birds by their alpha code (e.g. PEFA, EABL)

• Confirmed birds in Nearby Notables are indicated by a checkmark
• Greatly improved the Browse Map (formerly Hotspots) feature
-- List view updates to show the map area you are looking at
-- Get bird lists for any location on the map
• Cleaner logging in and out
• Better detection of your current state when you are selecting which life/year list to use in the app
• Tweaks to settings
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MAJOR Android BirdLog Update: We are publishing an update to BirdLog for Android now, including North America, World and all of the other regional versions. We encourage you to update if you get a chance. If you like the progress, please do us a favor and post a 5-star review. As always we appreciate hearing your suggestions and comments on how we can improve BirdLog in our next update.


This new update includes some significant improvements:
-- One-tap incrementing of counts!!!
-- Bug fix: 4-letter codes sometimes brought up the wrong bird
-- Bug fix: sometimes when submitting sightings to a hotspot a new duplicate personal location was created.
-- Bug fix: personal location names were not appearing correctly in Europe.
-- Misc crash and bug fixes.
-- Additional language support. BirdLog for Android now supports bird names in all of the following languages:
(Add) de -- Deutsch
en-AU -- English (Australia)
en-NZ -- English (New Zealand)
(Add) en-IN -- English (India)
en-UK -- English (UK)
en-US -- English (United States)
(Add) es -- Español
es-CL -- Español (Chile)
es-AR -- Español (Argentina)
es-CU -- Español (Cuba)
es-DO -- Español (Dominicana)
es-MX -- Español (México)
es-PA -- Español (Panamá)
es-PR -- Español (Puerto Rico)
fr -- Français (France)
(Add) fr-CA -- Français (Canada)
id -- Bahasa Indonesia
ja -- 日本語
is-IS -- íslenska
pt-BR -- Português (Portugal)
pt-PT-- Português (Brasil)
tr -- Türkçe
zh -- 普通话
scientific -- Scientific
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These blue-eyed shags from the southern ocean are extraordinary! Check out the color of that eye!

Antarctic Shag Phalacrocorax (atriceps) bransfieldensis, is found on the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands.
© Rhys Marsh
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The most recent addition to the Central American list, Maguari Stork, has just been added to the Mexico, Central America and Caribbean version of BirdLog and BirdsEye.

Maguari Stork, Ciconia maguari
© Robert W Polkinghorn

See here for the complete story:
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Friday bird ID Quiz!!

A beautiful image of one of my favorite seabirds. It is found in the Pacific.

© Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds.
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