Fourteen million mind units. SitRep to follow, but too excited not to share immediately. +Brandon Badger #megafield Two months of coordination in the making... #OperationGreenShineState
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...Florida - we own all your base!
Congrats,very nice and very cool,beats just farming and destroying
No embargo on trading keys?
How did you play Ingress in Cuba with no 2G/3G/4G data connection and no WiFi? Just curious...
Long drive right out of work, blocking links out the wazoo, took those out, drove hours through what amounted to habitated wilderness, and threw the links from both anchors with help from the Georgia anchor. Totally worth the drive.
+Richard Bateman Myself and +stephan mckenzie drove to Miami last week to collect the keys. His art major friend collected them for us and can provide you with the details. Satellite phone? WiFi? Unsure and really don't care. My gas tank and I can assure you that no foul play is at hand though :-) 
Love it guys. Great job
Great job! Florida was in desperate need of enlightenment.
One does not simply acquire portal keys from Cuba....
How did you clear the Cuban keys with customs, I assume you went through the proper protocol to get them transfered to the US with the whole trade embargo still active. 
Haha. That only affects US citizens. If you're a Canadian national, your in the clear 
I guess they used the same method used when they linked to Mexico. Shame on you Enlightened. 
+David Dellsperger There is nothing the the US embargo laws, regulations, etc. that prohibits the transfer of non-physical, digital content from an American based game, run on American servers, hosted on American soil from one person to another. I will post the entirety of the embargo in all it's legal terminology for you to read if you request it. We received the keys in Miami, Florida from an agent in Miami, Florida. Nothing illegal or shady. We got those keys legitimately and legally. How they were origionally hacked by the agent that handed them off to us in Miami, I do not know, and I don't really care. I was handed the keys I needed to throw that field from my anchor portal, so I did, and you know what? It was glorious to watch the state go green before my eyes.
It's like people here in Mexico. They buy pirate movies and feel comfortable with the fact that most of piracy money goes to the the same guys that cut heads off their cártel rivals 
+OSCAR TERRAZAS considering there was no piracy involved, no financial transaction for the data packets of a free game, your argument is invalid.
Haha what the hell we arguing about? Lol nerds raging... talk about changing topic. How to top this now? Hmmm
+David Dellsperger I misunderstood you. My apologies. It has been a very long 24 hours, lol. I caught a short nap on the way between Tallahassee and lake city.
+David Appleton That's okay, good job on the field, cutting across a state like that is no easy task, I can only hope the resistance can make something bigger and better :D
Cuba! I'm sure Elian was involved.
I've been sleeping so hard that I've apparently slept straight through Pissing myself. Then I wake up to nothing but haters and false accusations. My Fourteen hours of driving means nothing? Screw this, I'm going back to sleep. You'll get your Cuba and sapelo pictures later. 
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