While there are parts of The Mission I feel could have used more Van Canto in them, it's still my favorite of theirs to date.  For one, the song is positively anthemic, particularly from 2:45 through 4:00.  For two, they nailed a few harmonies that really makes the fantasy nature of the song (a metal staple, though those most familiar with the more goth-oriented gloom and doom variety may not know it.  Actually, know that I think about it, it may be more a European metal staple than one familiar to US listeners.) pale in the light of those voices.

And if you haven't heard me rave about them before and you aren't sold on watching the video, it's the voices that do the work.  It's five guys, the young lady in the still, and a drummer.  If you're new to them and that still doesn't pique you're curiosity then I don't think there's much I can do to help you.  ;)  #metal #acapella #fantasy #TheNPJ #blogsofaugust  
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