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Helping business create sustainable growth
Helping business create sustainable growth


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Growth Platform Package

The Growth Platform Package is designed for SME Principals. It helps you prepare your company for Sustainable Growth. It is Mentor supported.

The package is facilitated by a highly-experienced mentor who has worked with hundreds of growth SMEs. The delivery is an informal style, but milestone based so both you and your mentor know where you are at any time.

The delivery uses templates to capture each phase of development, towards meeting the milestones set.

You will be challenged to develop your company towards sustainable growth - and hence, greater profitability and greater value.

    Assessment of your present growth readiness
    Define your company's sustainable growth type
    Achievable goal setting
    Outline three-year forecasts to achieve goals
    Self assessment of CEO competencies
    Assess competencies against growth tasks
    Develop your Goverance and Management
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