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Spy of the First Person (2017)
This  Final Work by Sam Shepard Reveals His Struggle With Lou
Gehrig’s Disease Shepard
explored his condition [ALS] through his writing — in vivid, precise prose that
transformed his worsening symptoms into something akin to poetry.   It is an unvarnished, ...

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ARTS | CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK Why ‘Wonder,’ the Movie, Can’t Best the Book It’s Based On By MARIA RUSSO NOV. 24, 2017 Also see: Wonder, The Movie  Like most people who love the best-selling book “Wonder,” I’ve been
thrilled by the success of the movie version. I...

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Wonder (2017)
This is a moving, touching, funny film about a 10 year-old boy with a congenital facial deformity.  Although the name of his disorder is not given in the film, it is most likely Treacher-Collins syndrome .  It could be about Apert syndrome or any child with...

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Atypical Pigmented lesion in an 81 yo Man
The patient is a light-complected Caucasian with Type I skin and a personal history of non-melanoma skin cancer.  His daughter has a history of melanoma. He presented for a skin exam and was found to have an atypical pigmented lesion on his right shoulder. ...

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Reclaiming Resilience
was in the seventh grade when I first began to identify as trans and express my
gender identity as a girl...This shift
in my personal aesthetic made me feel good about my body, confident in my
appearance and at ease in social settings where my peers were ...

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The Suicide Tourist
This is a a portrait of the final days of an American with ALS who pursues physician-assisted suicide in the one place where it's legal for
foreigners to come to end their lives: Switzerland. With unique access
to Dignitas, the Swiss nonprofit that has he...

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Sulzberger on Caring for Patients
Yoon Cohen sent this quotation to us.  Readers of VGRD will appreciate it: I know of no better way to start teaching a student of
medicine than by repeating over and over the old-time physician's concept of
his responsibilities toward his patients: to cure ...
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