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Today I am submitting my post for #SAS   as a double post to #selfysunday   #selfysundayproject  for +Jeff Smith and +LaDonna Pride

This is my first foray into the Selfy Project and so I’m figuratively and literally getting my toes wet.

 I was just talking to +Brad Buckmaster  about this (and even +Kristie B. ) but contrary to my recent G+ activity and posting I used to NEVER EVER post pictures of myself and especially not my children. I would rather take a gun shot to the head then send out an image of myself out into the Web. Why? Hm… I have always been notoriously private. 

It began years ago when I started one of the first online sites for women’s rights back when Netscape was still a viable browser. (Yeah…That was a long time ago) This non-profit was designed to empower women through technology and was aptly titled …hmm lets just call it ‘Web Women’. Wink wink nudge nudge. WW slowly developed a member base through old school marketing such as list servs and a killer ‘bleeding edge’ website (that’s what we called it back then! Haha! ) that had first use of adobe’s Flash.  Fresh out of college with visions of equality & equal pay, equal access to health care, reproductive freedom, and much more swimming through my head, (from my liberal women’s studies 101 classes of course) I was out to take on the world, help women and girls,  and make it a better place… one woman (and girl) at a time. Go GRRRLS!!! 

However, I quickly learned that a lot of people didn’t see things my way (shocker)! In fact, WW and its campaigns made such an impact that WW started gaining media attention and was featured and even interviewed for major news organizations/network articles. Unfortunately the down side to this -- that I  didn’t anticipate in my over eager youth -- was that the ‘dark side’ or the opposition to all of these wonderful tenets would suddenly ‘find us.’ ‘Web Women’ was officially on the map BUT something ‘wicked’ this way comes or came. As months and years went on and we saw doctors being killed and ‘hit list’ sites go up targeting liberal activists, I experienced increasing concern over how public we were and how easy these ‘people’ (lets just call em ‘zealots’ ) could find me. I became more alarmed when strangers I never met would drive by my house and leave notes under my door or on my car.  Becoming more hesitant and cautious, I slowly developed aliases and began to fade into the background to hide and protect my identity. When I had children I became even more concerned and retreated all together for the safety and protection of my children. 

Flash forward years later and a world with social media….I had gotten so used to hiding and fiercely protective of my identity that I refused to get a Facebook account. Although I did not get a FB account specifically, I did watch FB closely as well as the explosion of social media. I was even one of the first G+ 1st acct holders, but I refused to get on or use it. I was both wary of ‘crazy’ as well as angry at the loss of my privacy and the ‘Orwellian’ changes to the world that I saw as negative (dude the timeline is seriously the craziest thing ever).  FB was the WORST, and the biggest evil.  I held out for 2 years… then one day +lynn langmade  had to have a ‘sit down’ with me. She said in all her wisdom… 'privacy is a thing of the past. You may not like it but… you can’t NOT be ‘out there’ now. It’s not even an option anymore… If you want to take your business to the next level and if you want to grow professionally you MUST get on G+ and post and u must do so publicly!' And so I fought it and I resisted it and I squirmed in my sticky tangled Web. Then one day I said… +lynn langmade  is right. If you can’t beat em.. join em. It is better to LIVE and participate in the world (and Web) than to NOT live or worse... watch. I am not a ‘watcher.’ Never been my whole life. 

 So here I am for today’s Saturday Style, with my ‘hound’s-tooth’ toenails in black patent leather peephole sandals enveloped in a web of lace c/o one vintage black slip. It may not be ‘all of me’ but it is a HUGE step!  This ones’ for you guys Brad and Kristie and of course to my amazing sister Lynn! For without her I wouldn’t be on G+ or even typing up this post today or for that matter submitting a selfy for + Selfy Sunday!  

(thank you for reading if you got this far) :) happy saturday style and selfy sunday! 
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