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#Easter  E  A S T E R   F A NT A S Y
Happy Easter to everyone and my good friends on G+! Here's to hoping you have a day filled with chocolate bunnies and the most epic Egg hunt ever! 

And here is the music that inspired this image.. Vaughan William's A Lark Ascending..

(this is a shot from years ago -- and oldie but goodie  -- from our #StyleItShootItShareIt  'a spring thing' challenge! This is the Empress of Spring early in the morning on the 1st day of spring bringing in the new season! Everything in this shot was done and styled by me.. dress was all designed and sewn by me, hair (birds nest, and robins Egg fascinator) created an styled by me, and of course shot conceptualized and photographed by me! ) 

Happy SPRING!  HAPPY EASTER... have a beautiful and magical day!

#happyeaster   #eggs   #easteregg   #robinsegg   #nature   #naturephotography   #portraitphotography   #egghunt   #easteregghunt   #blur   #spring   #easterdress   #costumedesign   #hairdesign   #springphotography   #costume   #headpiece   #conceptualphotography  
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Happy Birthday Luxe! +Luxe Langmade

14 years ago today...this young lady was born and i was given a gift!

This shot embodies everything about Luxe... her generous spirit, her sweetness, her resiliency, her honor and integrity, her 'best quality heart' and most importantly the quiet POWER that she carries deep inside that is just waiting to be unleashed on the world when she is all grown up!

To one of the most remarkable young ladies -no - women that I know... i hope you have a great 2016 and 14th year filled with magic, power, success and happiness!

Love mom

#happybirthdayluxe #frozen #frozenphotography #elsa #elsacostume #princess #winterphotography #portraitphotography +Luxe Langmade #wickedandwonder #elsadress #fantasyphotography #conceptualphotography   #winter   #winter2016   #winterwondlerland  
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Happy October!  #October  

Its official Halloween season today! Hooray!

Sorry i have been MIA but i have been super super busy with work. More orders than we can handle and zero time to touch base on G+. But i couldn't resist the chance to post something festive for the season. G+ was calling me.... 

Here is a shot of one of my Wicked Witch costumes that has been featured in a glossy two page spread of Mingle Magazines in Stores today! I hope this gets you in the spooky mood! You can find this costume and many more at our etsy shop online!

I hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for all those #HalloweenTown  posts this October! 


#halloween   #halloween2015   #wickedwitch   #witches   #halloweenphotography  +Halloween Town  #portraitphotography   #costumes   #halloweencostumes   #witchcostumes   #wicked  
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#scoretosettle  *Let's go!*  #USWNT  US Women's National Soccer Team

Argh.. i don't want to jinx it!  Women's World Cup 2015 final! 

go #hopesolo  go #juliejohnston  go #carlilloyd  go #meganrapino  

#womensworldcup   #uswnt   #worldcup   #worldcup2015  
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Miss-Carriage of Justice: Sign the Petition to Pardon Purvi Patel

 I don't normally send things out like this but i'm so horrified by this case that i thought i would try to do anything i could to help. 

If you have missed this in the news,  Indiana resident, Purvi Patel, is the first woman sent to jail for miscarrying. She has been sentenced to 20 years!  

Article about the case:

 Nearly everyone including the right wing and pro life groups believe these laws should NOT be criminalizing pregnant women and also don't believe Patel should go to jail. Many also see this as a case about racism and class since many of the women being targeted and prosecuted by these laws are immigrants and 'women of color.'

 If you are pro women and believe this is a miss-carriage of justice, please SIGN this petition. They have almost 20K and need 80 k more.
And please SHARE THIS POST to your streams and with every WOMAN you know using the hashtag #pardonpurvipatel

#purvipatel   #womensrights   #prochoice   #pardonpurvipatel  
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A Look Back
By Lane Langmade

Here is a new one of  Luxe running in a gown i made on one of the most amazing paths at Mt. Diablo right in our own backyard....

Thought i would share with all my wonderful G+ pals and fellow curators.. especially those at +PortraitTuesday with +Laura Balc and +Tana Teel and all my friendly peeps at   #treetuesday   with +Allan Cabrera +Kim Troutman +Ralph Mendoza +Christina Lawrie +David R Robinson and with the great +Margaret Tompkins and her #landscapephotography  crew.. including +Kevin Rowe  +Toshi Nakamura +Bill Wood +Jeff Beddow +Eric Drumm +Doug Hagadorn 

+Style It! Shoot It! Share It! will dig this too.. 

I"m sorry if i missed some people for some reason i could not tag some of the curators!


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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Happy Friday 13!

Well today is my birthday and many  MANY  years ago me and my sister +Lynn Langmade  were actually BORN on the 13th of March on a FRIDAY!  So today is my birthday, and I can’t help thinking about my own mother (who has passed and also gave birth to twins on this day) as well as giving birth to my own daughter, Luxe. 

Today is bittersweet as it’s my birthday yet, my daughter is GONE for the first time in 13 years. (She got accepted into honors orchestra and they have taken a ‘band trip’ to play at Disneyland  this weekend! Luxe is far far away) I’m excited and happy for her.. but also really missing her on this day and a little sad that she is growing up so fast! 

Here is Luxe as Cinderella that I just shot the last couple of days in honor of the Cinderella 2015 movie première …I WISH she could stay this way forever. I hope she has an amazing fairytale time at the Magic Kingdom and returns home safe! 

Happy Friday & Happy Friday the 13th! 
(it's about time i posted around here ;)


#cinderella2015   #cinderellapremeire   #cinderellamovie     #cinderellacostume   #costumedesign     #fridaythethirteenth   #portrait   #photography   #portraitphotography   #cinderella   #cinderella2015   #fairytales   #fairytalephotography   #tgifashion   #tgif  
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Added photos to 2nd Annual "You Are Beautiful" .
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#StyleItMP14   Challenge 6 HONORS Album 
Style It! Masterpiece Project 2014

As we wind down our Style It Shoot it Share It Masterpiece Project for 2014 it’s now  time to share out the top shots for our previous or last challenge (Challenge 6,Toy Stories). 

Theme: Toy Stories (Toy Photography)
Tech: Tilt Shift

For THIS challenge which concluded just last week, the Stylers where tasked to create some great images utilizing toys as subjects as well as tilt shift techniques while also telling a story. We encouraged them to go beyond regular product/catalog photography and really make these toys come alive. 

All the finals from the challenge were just great, and to see all the submissions for this round please visit this album:

Yet we must pick just 4 for honors selection. This was so hard to do as there were more than 4 that deserved honors recognition, BUT there are just 4 spots in the album: Those that deserve special recognition are: 

1. +Carla McMahon  A wonderfully creative and colorful toy masterpiece by Carla which expertly captured the joy of toys  in a fantastic parade while also masterfully utilized the tilt shift technique. 

2. +Eve A   A gorgeous  and somber photo-real toy shot with a warm color palette capturing a cuddly  teddy bear as he goes for a stroll at sunset. 

3. +Marilyn Benham  A stunning and crisp real life landscape with excellent til shift,  that makes you want to reach in, pick up one of those cars and play with them. 

4. +Nora Hoffman Liberty More than any shot in this Album Nora worked so hard to truly create a toySTORY. We get all misty eyed as we look on at Nora’s  Woody remembering his long lost love! 

Congratulations to all four of you honors winners.. it was a fun fun challenge and you all did  awesome work. Well done across the board the the whole Style It Masterpiece Project Community! 

lane langmade

#toyphotography   #photography   #toys   #toystory   #tiltshift  
#StyleItMP14 Challenge 6 Toy Stories: HONORS Album
4 Photos - View album
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#StyleItMP14  Final for 6th StyleIt! Challenge: Toy Stories
Doll Parts

Here is my final for our 6th and final challenge of the year Toy Stories or should i say my homage to Charlotte Charades. 

For this challenge, our #StyleItMP14  (Style iIt! Masterpiece Project 2014) stylers were asked to spend 6 weeks playing with toys then produce  a final due at the end of the six weeks which should be a masterpiece utilizing tilt shift techniques. (I will be sharing out the HONORS album from the challenge TOMORROW.)

This shot was inspired by my new toy i'm currently in love with and collecting, which are the Lalaloopsy dolls, and my fav doll so far of the bunch who is called Charlotte Charades! I'm holding her in this shot... That's her in my right hand (camera left.) I did my second study using some of the other dolls here for the Toy Clones study here which i also think are especially adorable:

Charlotte has hot pink button eyes and wears a red tutu skirt, a black and white striped shirt and mime gloves. She was sewn from a mime's costume! ;) To do this shot i had to recreate her clothes or 'costume.' So everything in this shot is made by me except the shoes and the wig. 

I designed the pattern for and made the shirt out of 4 way stretch lycra and tried to make it big and baggy to mimic all of the lalaloopsy's big tummys and then added stuffing. I knew sewing the striped would be technically difficult as its considered advanced sewing involving lengthy work to make all the stripes match up. Making stripes match with stretch fabric was even more 'special.' After laborious pinning, tracing and calculations i got the majority of stripes on the bodice sides to match and much of the sleeve to bodice stripes matching.

 I sewed the tutu, figured out how to make handmade suspenders (hmm but these still need work.. since they kept falling down in the photo shoot. I used a nylon ribbing but now i will try to find elastic). 

You also can't see it but i'm wearing some super cool fluffy sparkling black leggings which i made with huge bows and some faux fur giant red socks completely handmade with a giant ruffle. The giant hair bows are also hand made out of the same fabric used for the leggings. 

Since the wig is cheap and synthetic, i took two days styling it using curlers. Since you can't use any heat on synthetic wigs, i wetted it with water and styling lotion, set it and had to wait two days to get the wig to produce curls similar to the dolls. 

While i do have an airbrush, i really thought i wanted to go simple here.. and utilize basic white face paint. I had zero goals but to cover my face just like Charlotte's (she's the only Lalaloopsy with a white face) and HIDE my mouth and nose as much as i could. I also utilize a bright light to sort of 'blow out' my features against the white to again make them hidden or invisible. Then i added on the pink rosy cheek 'circles' and drew on the black 'threaded' mouth under my lips. 

The Eyes..
Finally i needed some button eyes. It's the signature motif with all the Lalaloopsy dolls. While i couldn't squash and stretch out my face like the dolls one thing i could do is make my 'eyes' bigger, so i created this button eyes mask with some supper large button eyes. 

The Shot
I initially intended to go high key with this but i utilized mostly natural light and as it got dark.. i really liked the bright 'stage' light that began to be produced late afternoon through the sliding glass door. To get the tilt shift look, i placed  the camera on one of my ladders to create the 'looking down' perspective the way you would look down on a doll or toy and then maximized the tilt shift and distortion using the tilt shift filter in Photoshop CC. Anyway there are more boring details.. but that's the gist of it.  

Thanks for looking.. it was a really fun challenge and got me playing and having fun like i did when i was a kid! I recommend it for every photographer on here!

I have more outtakes that i may share tomorrow in black and white.. which i think are also cool. 

#portraitphotography   #lalaloopsy   #lalaloopsydolls   #charlottecharades   #toyphotography   #conceptualphotography   #selfie   #selfy   #portraiture  +Style It! Shoot It! Share It!  #portraittuesday  
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