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Sydney to New York in 3 or 4 hours. Yes please!
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Lets go
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Clearest article on using CSS floats I've seen.
What is "Float"? Float is a CSS positioning property. To understand its purpose and origin, we can look to print design. In a print layout, images may b
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call me. 0498115626
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To the tune of Wagner: Spiritual Talks now has it's on Google+ page.
More fun, less stress! Useful videos & great quotes.
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Ya, now the Mac Crazy website be havin' a Google+ page.
Mac Tips, MacBook Air, OS X Lion
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The MacBook Air is the best laptop I've ever used. Thin, light, capable. And with the latest 2011 models with Thunderbolt, can be plugged into to a big display, fast network and fast storage.
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Collaborative techno music creation - very fun! (Uses WebSockets)
Plink, a multiplayer music experience by DinahMoe
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Tasman Hayes

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Good, practical techniques for scaling websites:
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Tasman Hayes

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Photos of people in the US who live "off the grid" and disconnected from mainstream Western civilization/capitalism/political structure. Fascinating stuff:
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Tasman Hayes

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Smart Web Developer now has a Google page!
Web Development: HTML, CSS, PHP, Apache, Linux, SEO
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Bumper Apple Day

#1 New iPhone OS, iOS 5 released.
#2 iTunes update 10.5 released.
#3 Mac OSX Lion update 10.7.2 released.

Contacts, calendar, email, photos, etc. syncing to iCloud.
Buy music, then it downloads everywhere automatically.
Download past purchases for free.
iPhone sync over WiFi - finally cable not required.
iPhone doesn't need computer anymore (e.g. for updates).
ToDo app.
Newsstand app.
Find your iPhone on a Mac on a map. Wipe it.
Access your Mac remotely.
SMS, email, etc. combined in Notification centre.
Twitter everywhere.


With all the people updating, the network at work was going crazy - an extra 500 Mbps a second.
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Tasman Hayes

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The new 2011 MacBook Airs come with a Intel i5 or i7 processor. Is it worth the upgrade? 18,000 people have read this article so far to help them decide.
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Ran a couple of apps (no Photoshop) on a friend's 13" Air, w. i5 processor, and you were absolutely right. The Air was running at over 2GB RAM utilization practically all the time. And since you mentioned, realized that I've been running even my Windows computers at 4GB RAM. My first generation Air had 2GB, so somehow just assumed that 2GB should be adequate for a Mac, so thanks for saving me from a serious catastrophe :) Plan to get the i7 version if I get it in store, otherwise the $1199 version. In NYC for a few days, so can't afford to order online and have the Mac delivered after I leave, and India Mac prices are about 20% higher than US prices. And I do look forward to the continued awesomeness and consider me a permanent fan :)
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Rollerskates on ... check. Rocket on back ... check. 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
I'm a web developer. I enjoy building websites, working with technology like Linux, Apache, PHP & MySQL. I am somewhat addicted to my Mac and iPhone.

I love writing articles that are useful for people. I find it really rewarding to see people spending an average of seven minutes reading a page, like "The Best Linux Distro" or "Select Form Buttons in CSS - Techniques with Examples" on my web development website.

I'm having some success! In the last 12 months, on Mac Crazy and my other websites, my articles have been viewed over one million times.

I published an article about whether its worth paying to upgrade the new 2011 MacBook Air to the Core i7 processor. My MacBook Air i5 vs i7 article has been read over 170,000 times, with visitors spending an average of nine minutes reading the article.

I've published MacBook Air articles on a few topics, and they're all doing well:
I've been doing a lot of research and testing on the MacBook Air battery life recently. It's amazing how some activities can just destroy battery life.

I've also been getting a lot of visits for the new Mac OS X Lion. The most popular article is "Awesome New Way to Check Free Disk Space on Mac Lion".

The upgrade from OS X Snow Leopard to Lion broke the website on my Mac that I use for development. It took me awhile to figure out what went wrong, so I wrote up how I fixed it to save others the pain. The article "Lion Upgrade Killed My Website - And How I Fixed It" has been read almost 24,000 times. That's a lot of reads from a pretty obscure audience!

I've shot some YouTube videos for Mac Crazy, and they've cleared 50,000 views.

I have quite a few sites I write articles on, linked here.

Why so many websites?

Well to start with, I'm passionate about many areas, but the topics don't necessarily go together. Someone who wants to know how to better use their iPhone isn't probably going to be interested in performance tuning a MySQL database!

So I have different websites for different topics.

Even then, you'll notice that some of the websites are around the same area, such as  Big PHP and PHP Help Now.

Why do some of my websites overlap? 

There's a lot of books and articles out there that say "This is the best way to have a useful & successful website." Yet when I work on new client websites, I often get a shock to find them doing something that flies in the face of conventional wisdom and it's working for them.

I've found people with a single website are usually conservative about trying something new on the website. This is really understandable. Everything is riding on that one website, so if the new layout, or feature, advertising partner, or strategy drops their success instead of increasing it, it's a big deal. If their livelihood depends on the site, and traffic drops by 50%, that is likely to be a problem.

I want to be able to play and experiment with different approaches, without the necessary preciousness that comes from being emotionally or financially invested in a single site. I also want to have some basis for comparison for my choices.

To support this, I usually have a few sites that overlap around a topic, like Big Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gods. Having overlapping sites gives me more freedom to try out different approaches, for example:
  1. Use a mature domain for one site, and a newly purchased domain for another.
  2. I can add forums on one site, but not on another.
  3. Use WordPress for taking comments on a site, and Facebook on another.
  4. Focus on Social Media for traffic on one site, and Search Engines for another.
  5. Use video as the main medium on a site, and text for another.
By having multiple websites on a topic, I can compare how different choices shape the personality, usefulness and success of the sites.

I am learning so much seeing how the seeing how the sites behave compared to one another.

For example, many of my articles so far have been around performing a very particular task, like "Force Quit a Mac App Instantly with One Keyboard Shortcut" on Mac Crazy. I wrote a more ambitious informational article on a broader topic, "PHP6: Features, Release Date, Hosting and Download". It's already my most popular article so far, and got linked from other websites within hours. Wikipedia's page on PHP even linked to the article as a reference! So I've learnt that even for a new site like Smart Web Developer, its possible to take on some bigger topics and do well.

It takes time to write high quality, well researched and tested articles. This fact, combined with having many sites, and that  work on my sites in my spare time, means the sites will be small and grow slowly. Perhaps I've spread myself too thinly! Still, having already been a programmer for 29 years, I know I'm in for "the long haul". Over time we'll see.

Do you do anything besides websites?

My "hobby" for a few years now has been finding how to live with more happiness, joy, and fulfilment. I even got to study happiness - in a practical way - full time for six years. Along the way I've found some people with a pretty good practical grasp on the subject. I It makes me very happy when people find and step into a better place, so I'm (slowly!) posting their videos at Spiritual Talks - just in case people are interested. Oh, that's another website...  :-D

At play, I enjoy the beach, motorcycles, bicycles, giving massage and dancing. (Not all at once, although that would interesting...) I'm quite keen to do sites on these, but where to find the time?

You can contact me through the email link on the left. I'd love to hear from you.
Bragging rights
As a roadie, I've played Ray Charles's keyboard, carried B.B. King's guitar (Lucille), and been security for Eartha Kitt, who played Catwoman in the 60s.
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Plink by DinahMoe

Plink, a multiplayer music experience by DinahMoe

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This gym has a good vibe, which makes it easy to go there. The staff are friendly & helpful.
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