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Matt Cutts
Acting Administrator of the US Digital Service
Acting Administrator of the US Digital Service

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For Veterans Day, please share the word about It's a useful website to discover, apply for, and track benefits. Really proud to work with the folks who created this site. And to all veterans out there, thank you for everything you've done and are doing.

Google used to do something called Zeitgeist at the end of each year. Now I think it's the "Google - Year in Search" or something similar. A friend was talking about that and said that he wanted Memegeist--the year in memes. Just passing on the suggestion in case some poor person at Google is wracking their brain for things to put in Google's annual year-end review.

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I recently did this talk at the Velocity conference in NYC. If you're a software engineer, product manager, or SRE, we've got several important projects that could use your help. Why not read more at ?

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This is huge! So glad that Danny will be taking on this role. Google needs this.
Some news! I'm joining Google in a new role to help the public better understand how search works and help Google better hear public feedback & improve. When I retired from search in June, I thought I was done. But I'm excited about the opportunity to help both Google & the public connect better & improve search.

Is there anything that Android/Google could do to help close SS7 vulnerabilities? I know someone who wants to work on that, but I wasn't sure if that was a job only for carriers.

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This looks like a super cool event on Oct. 14th on Google's Crittenden campus. It's with the Humane Society Silicon Valley, which is a great group of folks. Get your tickets now!

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If true, I'm sure that some people will think of the black and white phone as an Oreo phone, but it will be a Panda phone in my heart.

Are you a tech person in NYC who wants to help the American people?

The US Digital Service will be hosting an event in New York City tomorrow evening (Thursday, July 27). If you're an engineer, product manager, designer, SRE, or communications person, come learn more about the US Digital Service, which is the group of geeks that helped rescue

The event will feature case studies and lightning talks from the work that the USDS does. I'll be there, along with USDS folks from Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, the DoD, and the Department of Homeland Security.

If you are interested in attending or learning more about the US Digital Service, you can email for the RSVP link.

More details:
Thursday, July 27th 2017
6:30pm - 9pm ET
Please arrive by 6:30pm for check-in
Presentations start at 7pm

Civic Hall
118 West 22nd Street, 12th floor
New York, NY 10011

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Anyone know if a Chromebook Pixel 2 can drive this monitor?
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