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Acting Administrator of the US Digital Service
Acting Administrator of the US Digital Service

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Pwn2Own is one of my favorite occasions each year. Looks like nobody mounted a successful attack of Chrome this time! Congrats and a big pat on the back to all the security folks who work to keep the internet users safe.

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The new Chrome OS look is pretty, but aren't the new battery and some other icons, uh, a little small?

A friend is having serious issues with the Google Voice app on iOS. Any advice for him? Here's what he's experiencing:

"Background - I've been using Google Voice since it's earliest days. For years I was frustrated when it didn't keep up with post-2010 tricks like group messaging (and pre-2010 tricks like MMS) and its voice transcription capabilities bizarrely seemed to lack that of Google voice search by at least a half decade. So I was delighted when I heard that the app had finally been updated!

Unfortunately, on my phone, the all-important keyboard button (extreme lower right corner of the home screen) is a de facto "make the app vanish" button. When I hit it, the keyboard flashes momentarily on the screen, and the app ... absents itself from the screen. It doesn't necessarily crash (though that does happen sometimes - maybe one time out of 10). Rather, it throws me back to the main iPhone screen. If I double click the home button, I'll see that GV is still running. I select it, and I'm back at the "Messages" screen (which seems to be the launch point). Then I hit that keyboard icon, and same thing - a flash of keyboard, then back to the main iPhone screen. Once in a very long while it will stay on the screen, and allow me to hit precisely one number, and then pull the same stunt.

I'm quite literally locked out of my ability to place calls or send texts from my phone (or I wouldn't bug you!!!). The only way to do either is by logging into GV via my laptop which is ... really funny, on a certain level. When I'm on my home Wifi, I sometimes walk around the apartment holding the laptop up to my ear while making a call, like it's an old-school boombox. Luckily I can (usually) receive calls on my GV number on my iPhone without the software crashing. But I can only place calls using the "official" phone number assigned to my iPhone via Apple's telephone software. Since I gave GV the cell number I've been using for 20 years, I couldn't even recite my 'official' phone number if I had to, and nobody knows or recognizes when I call from it anyway."

Could you help with testing some potential designs for IRS information?

Please pick a number between 1 and 3 and then just try one of the following designs. It should take 10-15 minutes. Thank you!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

A friend made a Google form and then deleted the form later. He still has the link, but since the form has been deleted, he can't access the form or retrieve the data from the form for his research.

If a form has been deleted, is there still some way to get to the data that was created by the form?

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I'd really like to see the functionality of this Chrome application integrated into Gmail. End-to-end encryption is something that I strongly believe should be supported. Just my personal opinion.


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You can get adb with less hassle now!
Ever wanted to download adb or fastboot without having to download the whole of Android Studio?

...but didn't want to download executables from some random warez site?

Good news this week:

These links will always return the adb/fastboot binaries currently shipping with Android Studio. No need to guess what the current version is, or update your own links: just follow these and get the latest binaries, direct from the source.

This is thanks to +Siva Velusamy and Kevin Quinn, not me.

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This site makes it easy to vote + remind your friends to vote!

Make sure you vote today! I really like because you can find your polling place, but you can also find your friends in important states and remind them to vote. Go ahead and give a friend in Florida or Pennsylvania a poke!

Post has attachment is a good site for California, Illinois, and New York voters looking to understand their ballot. It's by the folks who do MapLight (non-partisan site dedicated to money in politics), so you can see who is funding various things on the ballot.
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