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Switched to hangouts version of chat and instantly went into paranoid mode about photos shared. Seems to be limited to those in the hangout though. Neat. So far, liking hangouts instead of old chat way a bit better -- including the phone app.

Seems a good way to get people to use G+ more, in a way ;)
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Jessica Ledbetter

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Wow. This sucks:(
Tom Green originally shared:
This morning , around 9:00 a.m. I was subjected to a rather massive cyber-bullying attack that has yet to calm down. Being someone who firmly believes in the free flow of information and opinion on the Internet, my beliefs have become rather strained.
To recap what happened:

• There is a comedian, Tom Green, who every now and then muses about the fact I have the Twitter handle @TomGreen while his is @tomgreenlive and he "wonders" why I won't give it to him.

• This morning, on the Opie and Anthony show, he raised it again and sort of told people to ask me for it because I would get mad.

• At about 10:00 am, noticing a ton of mentions on Twitter, I was aghast to discover that I was being bullied by people demanding I give up my Twitter handle.

• A couple of minutes later someone posted my phone number and extension at the College where I work and someone else mentioned Opie and Anthony had tried to reach me at that number.

• Realizing this was gathering steam, I immediately contacted my Dean at the College and told him to kill my extension on the College phone system.

• Naturally Tom Green jumps in with a “Who me?” attitude and really does nothing to calm the storm that is hitting my Twitter account.

• Tonight I am being harrassed by one individual who is essentially stalking me and posting things like scholarships I support and give out at the College, my books and essentially holding my professional life out to ridicule.

To give you a sense of what I have had to put up with today, I have posted a screen shot of three that just landed as i was writing this . They are quite similar to the well over 500 similar libelous and slanderous mentions I have received so far today.

Obviously this sort of thing shouldn't happen but it does and fighting back is a losing proposition. Comes with the turf and is something I learned to live with many years ago. What I didn't expect was the posting of my College phone number in a public forum by someone I have never met and who is using it for malicious purposes. That, to me, crosses a rather serious line.

The line is "Fair Comment". You are entitled to an opinion good or bad about my work and I have been both praised and lambasted over the years. Yet there seems to be an inability among some to comprehend the line between fair comment and slander or defamation is pretty well-defined.

I am pretty sure you will get a sense of this in the inevitable comments this post will attract.

What I seriously don't understand is how Opie and Anthony and Tom Green can essentially unleash this sort of thing on someone and then stand back and deny they did it. When will they start acting like the adults they are and actually take responsibility for their actions? When will people in the public eye actually wake up and think first about the people about to be affected rather than some twisted ratings gain or a last gasp at fame that long since left them behind.

What really irritates me is how the people making these statements about me have to hide behind the anonymity of their Twitter handles. I am out in full view of the public and they are saying things to me they wouldn't dare say to my face or in a forum where they are clearly identified?

Finally, just where the hell is Twitter in all of this? When a user of your service is being subjected to an unwarranted and unprovoked assault upon his character, what recourse does he or she have with you guys?

Oh well. Such is life in cyberspace. There is so much good out there and it is disappointing to be subjected this sort of abuse
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This is one of the reasons we can't have nice things
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Jessica Ledbetter

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Jessica Ledbetter

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Hello jessica my name is Alfred,i just join google plus today was looking for a class mate of mine when i came across your profile especially your beautiful profile picture so i decided to stop and compliment you and let you know that you got a lovely smile even though is a silent one,even without jewlries your beauty still shines like the star,you have beautiful eyes aswell just wondering if we could be friends,Friendship, they say, starts with one i decided to take the bold step and say hello to you.
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Jessica Ledbetter

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One of the things I learned this weekend at She's Geeky is that my HCI class (the free one offered by Stanford online) is postponed. I hoped it wasn't true but just checked the website.

It is not starting today but now starting sometime in February.

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hang in there Lady, I know you will make it LOL. How's the new digs?
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Jessica Ledbetter

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Had a great day at She's Geeky. It was my first time at an unconference and, of course, my first time at She's Geeky. Easy access to stuff like this is definitely one of the reasons why I decided to finally move to this side of the US :)

The group was very diverse. I saw young children, and more seasoned women. There were women that just graduated or still in school, some thinking about returning or switching to a tech career, some that have evolved with tech for quite a while, and more.

A few takeaways from the day: 1) Being a geek is frakkin' awesome (srsly -- all sorts of geeks are groovy) 2) Try something new (new language, lead a session for the first time, solder circuit boards, etc) 3) We all have something to offer (can teach others to solder, can inspire others to make a shark with frikkin' lasers, can mentor with a word, can support/encourage, etc)

Looking forward to tomorrow though I don't know if I can add anything else to my already way too long project list.
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+Jessica Ledbetter not sure there is enough demand, and to be honest i prefer co-ed things, do not want to be sexist toward males :D
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Jessica Ledbetter

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Tomorrow begins my first time at an "unconference." She's Geeky was so nice to even send out what one of these things is. Plus, they have a list of what folks are interested in discussing. I recognize a couple of my desires.

Also, I hear tell that EA has sponsored something that's going on today. Awesome :)
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Jessica Ledbetter

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Whew. That was a close one. Thanks for saving me, Callin' Oates.
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Wow. Even cooler now.
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