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Alexis Becker
I'm on a mission to drop some Lbs. and pick up some medals in 2015!
I'm on a mission to drop some Lbs. and pick up some medals in 2015!

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Finally posting daily on my blog!! Check out and follow me as I train for the San Diego Triple Crown in 2015!

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Do the next right thing
Do you ever get stuck in the   rut of few bad days? No matter how careful your
planning is or how motivated you are to reach your goals, it can and probably
will happen at least once. You know what I’m talking about. One bad decision
after another after ano...

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10 Running Shoe Tips
Oh, the closet floor. I try and
stay on top of racking my shoes after each wear, but most days they just get
tossed onto the bottom rack. Let’s all be kinder to our shoes people! They are
one of the most important tools a runner needs. And you KNOW what hap...

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Week One - DONE!
Hi friends! The first week of my training schedule for the
Carlsbad Half is done and I am half way through my second! I have been looking
forward to starting this new routine since I finished my last schedule. There
is just something so nice about planning ...

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