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Now that summer is officially here at last, many of us are spending much more time out in the backyard. None of us want to miss a second out in the fresh air, but it can be difficult to enjoy your outdoor time if your backyard isn’t quite up to your standards. At Del Collo Horticultural, we provide a variety of landscaping services that can help you to enjoy your yard, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. That is why our experts have come up with this list of the most trendy backyard design ideas:

1.) Lighting- There is nothing quite like sitting in your yard on a cool summer night, and those nights are even better when you have a great lighting scheme in place. Lighting can add a great deal of beauty and enjoyment to your evenings.
2.) Outdoor Kitchens- No one likes to turn on the oven during the summer, it simply makes the house way too hot! That is why outdoor kitchens are among the most popular trends around. 
3.) Fire Pits- You don’t have to go camping to make s’mores! You can enjoy everyone’s favorite summer tradition right in your backyard. Fire pits make a great addition to anyone’s outdoor space. 
4.) Water Feature- We all love to adore the allure of a garden, but there is something else that can also add a great deal of beauty to your lawn, a water feature. Creating a pond or a relaxing stream will set the stage for an unyielding level of splendor in your yard.

Would you absolutely love to have a beautiful lawn but you hate the idea of having to pay more on your water bill during the summer months? If this sounds like you then you have come to the right place. At Del Collo Horticultural our goal is to give you the lawn maintenance in Wilmington that you need to have a beautiful lawn, while at the same time saving you money. That is exactly why our landscaper has come up with this list of easy tips to help you to conserve water, while at the same time keeping your lawn lush and green:

1) Utilize hardscapes. Hardscapes are an incredible way to add style, comfort and luxury to your outdoor space. They can help to save you money by limiting the amount of lawn that you have to water! 

2) Don’t cut your grass so short. The ideal height is around two inches. This will provide shade to the soil so that more moisture is retained. It will also mean less mowing, which we know will make you happy!

3) Take care of your weeds! Weeds steal vital water and nutrients from our lawns. Removing your weeds will remove the competition and allow your grass to flourish on less water.

4) Mulch your flower beds! Mulch helps to hold the moisture in for longer. Beds with mulch require you to water less frequently.

5) If you water thoroughly you only really need to water once every three days. By establishing healthy watering habits you will encourage the roots of your lawn to grow deeper and it will ensure that it can survive for longer in case of a drought. 

Our society is constantly busy. During the week we are busy with work, family, friends, hobbies, and more. The weekend is supposed to be fun, but they are often spent on the upkeep of our homes and lawns. We always have so much going on that we hardly have anytime for relaxation and downtime, but not anymore. At Del Collo Horticultural we can provide you with professional and affordable lawn maintenance in Wilmington so that you can take the weekend back! 

We have been helping people to fall in love with the weekend again for the last 25 years. We can do everything from lawn cutting at the perfect level, to pruning shrubs and mulching your flower beds. When you have us on your side you won’t have to worry about a thing! Our experts are some of the best in the business and we have what it takes to help you maintain a beautiful yard, without all of those long hours of work in the hot sun. 

Relaxation has become a luxury in our society, but it is a key aspect to becoming a happy, healthy individual. Take care of yourself and enjoy your weekends once again by relying on us for the very best lawn care around. If you want only the most incredible results then you need to trust your lawn to the most incredible landscapers in Wilmington. We offer competitive prices, unparalleled results, and absolutely free estimates. You have nothing to lose but your hectic, busy weekends. Take back your weekends by calling us today for your free quote. 

Are you looking for an easy way to add an some value to your home in this competitive housing market? Many people will think about expensive remodeling projects like the kitchen, basement, or bathrooms, but landscaping in Newark, Delaware often gets overlooked. Landscaping can actually make a huge difference for you and add thousands of dollars to your property value. In fact houses that are professionally landscaped tend to have up to a 13% price advantage over a similar house without landscaping. In this market, that 13% can go a long away. 

If you are thinking about adding value and enjoyment to your home through landscaping then you best choice is De Collo Horticultural. We provide hardscaping, high quality lighting, landscaping, and water features in Newark, Delaware.  The best part is that we keep our prices competitive. We understand that there is a lot of competition out there, and we want to make sure that we earn your business in everything that we do. We aren’t the type of company that will quote you a price up front and then tell you a completely different price after all is said and done, with us the price we quote you up front is the price that you will get, unless of course, you opt to change something along the way.

There is no better way to add to your own enjoyment of your home and add value to your property than through landscaping. The best part about this type of investment is that it won’t go out of style. The appliances, paint colors, and tile designs that you choose for you other remodeling projects might start to look old fashioned, but your landscape will keep growing more beautifully every year. Contact us today for your free quote on your landscaping dreams.

Are you looking for a dynamic way to upgrade your home without a huge investment? One of the easiest ways to drastically change the look of your home is with professional lighting solutions. If you have been considering a lighting change for your home now is the time and we can help! At Del Collo Horticultural we provide top quality lighting in Newark, Delaware. We have years of experience and we specialize in making your dreams come true. 

If you want to dramatically change the look and feel of your home without having to repaint or remodel, lighting is your go to solution. Strategically installed lighting can highlight the best parts of your home, and it really does add a whole new level of enjoyment for you and your family. Our talented technicians can employ a wide variety of techniques to achieve your ideal result. We are skilled in back-lighting, moonlighting, and lighting. Not only does lighting add beauty to your home, a well lit house is an additional deterrent for intruders. The best part is that our lighting comes with a lifetime warranty! When you turn to us for your lighting needs, you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

Lighting is just one of the many amazing services that we have to offer you; our landscaping in Newark, Delaware is reputed as one of the best in the business. Let us help you transform your landscape and your home with our professional landscaping and lighting services. Our prices are affordable and our quotes are free, so don’t hesitate to call us today!

Is your your yard just not what you have always imagined it would be? Then you need to call Del Collo Horticultural! We are the best landscapers in Newark, Delaware, and with our help, you could have the landscape of your dreams. 

Landscaping is a wonderful way to add value to your property and to get the kind of property that you can be proud of. We offer so many amazing services so that we can take care of all of your landscaping needs. We utilize creativity and talent to transform your yard. In addition to landscaping we offer hardscapes, lawn maintenance, lighting, and water features.

Professionally installed water features really add a lot to your outdoor space. They add relaxation and so much beauty. We offer many different kinds of water features and we can fit any space or preference. Whether you have a compact yard that you want to enhance with a small water garden, or you are looking for a full blown pond with a waterfall, we have a great solution for you. We can incorporate our water features into almost any existing garden area, and they are a wonderful addition to any seating area. We are your number one source for landscape water features in Newark, Delaware.

Landscaping is one of the best ways to add value to your property and it helps you to enjoy your space a lot more. Don’t leave the fate of your yard up to just anyone, you need to turn to Del Collo Horticultural for the best landscaping in Newark. Contact us today about your landscaping needs.

Does your beautiful yard feel like it is missing something? We spend so much time picking out the perfect flowers, trees, and hardscapes but many of us forget about lighting. Lighting can have a huge effect on your outdoor space. You would be surprised at what a difference that professional lighting can actually make. Here at Del Collo Horticultural we pride ourselves in providing the best lighting solutions in Newark, Delaware. 

There are many different ways in which we can light your outdoor space. The method you choose can dramatically change the look and feel or your yard. Our experts have skills and the experience to help you choose the very best lighting for your space. When installing your lighting, we utilize all of the latest and greatest tools and techniques. Our priority is to get you the kind of results that you are looking for. The best part about using us is that our lighting comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Having all of the right plants and construction is a wonderful start, but expert lighting is truly the icing on the cake. If you want an affordable way to dramatically change the look and feel of your outdoor space then you need to call us today. We will happily provide you with a free quote!
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