If this works - it will be a Google+ public update and automatically create my December Contribution to the Carnival of Journalism on my personal blog..

For those that don't know - the Carnival of Journalism is something I re-started in January (coming up on a year!) where a bunch of journalism-bloggers get together and write about the same topic once a month. The question is posed by the host - who rotates.

This month's host is the Gaurdian's developer blog and they ask:

"If you are a journalist, what would be the best present from programmers and developers that Santa Claus could leave under your Christmas tree?And, correspondingly, if you are a programmer or developer, what would be the best present from journalism that Father Christmas could deliver down your chimney?"

I go through various phases with my personal blog. When I first started in 2005 it was called "Adventures in Freelancing" and it was about just that - the various stories I was working on our published or other stories I was reading and found interesting.

Since Spot.Us started my blogging has laxed (at best). I use it for occasional big thoughts or announcements. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, etc take up a much larger space of my "online productivity" and to be honest - I wish there were ways to streamline my efforts.

Of course there is IFTT.com - which is what I'm using to repost this Google+ update to my personal blog. And from my blog it will then automatically be Tweeted. So that's a start.

But there are things lost in the translation from Google+ to my personal blog and back out to Twitter.

In a strange way I still think what I'm looking for was FriendFeed. What a brilliant site that was. Too bad they were bought (talent-scouted) by Facebook.

So if I had to answer the question succinctly: I want a frictionless blogging platform. Not Tumblr or Posterous (although they've done an awesome job). I think there is a way to make something even simpler. A platform where I can save something to Delicious and create the formatting once so that from hence-forth all Delicious links will be posted on my blog the way I want (ITTF does an okay job - but not perfect). A platform where I can post something on Google+ and format it once and forever my Google+ public posts will appear on my blog the way I want (what you are seeing on my blog is probably not perfect and can only contain one URL :(.

That's my holiday gift ask.
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