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No more failure
To party is life. To perform is death. What does "Jesus took
away the sins of the world" mean? Well according to Ancient Hebrew
expert Jeff Benner "sin" should be translated as "failure." Ancient
Greek literature supports this definition as well. "Jesus ...

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The Fruit of the Spirit: God's Fruits
The fruits of the Spirit are fruits that God produces. He is the Spirit & His character will not contradict His Spirit's fruits. If you ever feel like God doesn't love you He is not the source of that feeling. God will never make you feel unloved by Him. Go...

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Our Father's Love Decides our Infinite Worth
If you see human worth as a matter of behavior or works you are looking through the eyes of sin. Human worth is determined by our Father in heaven. His love is not based on conditions we meet or fail to meet. You are worthy & you are deserving because your ...

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Superlatives I'd Like to See
Most likely to.. lure hidden
staircases out into the open use ointment in
front of the FedEx Pope die six times in one
day take a Left to
dinner juggle turnips when
you aren't looking Least likely to.. use shards of dried
bread as tape use a Smartie to

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No Buts
I still haven't come across a bible verse that says, "God is love AND.." or God is love BUT.." I've heard plenty of people say it though. "God is love BUT God is also just." The words just & righteous in the bible are translated from the same word. Righteou...

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I was quoted in a book
I was quoted as one of 23 identified "modern grace teachers" in Michael L. Brown's book Hyper-Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Message released January 2014. I found out about this over Thanksgiving & yes I am very thankful for it. I still st...

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More Father than Lord
In the old testament God's personal name is replaced with the word "LORD." In the new testament the culture no longer said God's name but used the word "lord" in place of His name. Jesus used the word Lord when quoting scripture or when quoting other people...

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Why We Can't Earn It
A father can deem his children worthy of gifts either because of works they do or simply because he loves them. Does an infant "deserve" his or her parents' love? The parents think so! Likewise everyone deserves to be saved because God loves the whole world...

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Jesus Paid?
People always talk about Jesus "paying" for our sins but the words payment, pay, paid, & pays aren't used directly in scripture with any regard to Jesus, the cross, or salvation. Ransom The language of "ransom" is found a few times in scripture. Ransom coul...

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Meanings of Words Translated from Hebrew Pictographs
Hebrew letters started as pictographs where each letter was a picture. From these pictographs we discover hidden messages & meanings of Hebrew words. Below are some words & those meanings. Love:  "The Father breathes His family." Life:  "Look, for the separ...
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