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James Higgins

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This University Has More Championships Than Black Male Freshmen -
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That was FUNKY!! Funny how still at "elite" non southern institutions of higher learning the BLACK MAN is still looked upon as a FIELD HAND...SMDH. As one of those former "field hands" at one of these "elite" non southern institutions I've seen how we (BLACK MEN) are treated and looked b/c of sport or a quota, GOTDAMNIT IM HERE!!! RESPECT MY EFFORTS!!! As I do yours. We can and should be upset but when WE "make it" who will WE bring with us? Starts at home as new fathers and husbands!!! WE must teach our boys to become MEN!! To have SCHOLARSHIP PERSEVERANCE & UPLIFT so that when they face their own set of hurdles and hardships they will stand with their heads bloodied BUT UNBOWED and STAND RESOLUTE as MEN, ready to stand fast and teach those after them. It'll NEVER be perfect but it can ALWAYS BE MADE 2cents. 
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James Higgins

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Is this how you see my beloved continent?
A hilarious depiction of how USA sees Afrika ... how do you see it?
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Having been there many times I think it beautiful
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