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Caleb Elston
Co-founder and CEO of Yobongo
Co-founder and CEO of Yobongo

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Start with values

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Going to be talking about the App Store
Tune in to Invalid Argument, a video show featuring developers, designers and pixel-pushers of all kinds, LIVE at 11:00 a.m. Pacific on the +ReadWriteWeb page:

Here's that time in your time zone:

Today's topic:
The App Store: (Banana) Republic?

suggested reading:

Today's guests:
+David Barnard - App Cubby
+Caleb Elston - Yobongo
+David Kasper (I think) - Yobongo
+Matthew Bischoff - Lickability
Brian Capps (who Google+ won't find for me right now) - Lickability
+Michael Simmons - Flexibits

Acknowledgement: This is all dudes. It's not a function of who was invited, just a function of who said "yes."

More info about Invalid Argument:

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Just updated our Yobongo team page,

Moving to a new bank is a hassle.

Considering trying a floating weekend at Yobongo so that people can take advantage of a weekday to get errands done.

Getting pumped for this Apple event. New era.

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Interview I did with Founderly.
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