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Great day at Ren Fest yesterday. Just wish I had more money to spend on the awesome stuff there, and time to see more shows.

Chris Slaunwhite

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Back from the Adirondacks. Beautiful weather up there for once. Definitely did not want to leave.

Chris Slaunwhite

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Could be a long work day, but the weekend should be pretty awesome. =)
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Don't mock me with your 3:30 day. =P
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Nah, coffee tricks you. It wakes you up for about 20 to 30 mins and then makes you feel tired again. I've stopped drinking it again for the


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"Whoah!" "Was that a chihuahua mixed with-" "-a doberman? Yeah" "So a big dog had sex with a really small


My buddy Jay is visiting again, which means the coffee consumption is pretty much going through the roof. That's a very good thing. ↓ Tr