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r/UNT and r/Denton Redditors circle!
Mingle here to find the others!
It'll be easier to contact one another for meetups and stuff...although more girls would be a plus so anything we do decide to do won't be a total sausage fest!

Don't just add people, make a comment (this is the only way that I'll add you) on this post so the others can:
1. know you're wanting to be in their UNT/DENTON circle and
2. won't think you're some random creeper
3. know that you're a redditor

Also, feel free to "share" it. The MOAR redditors from UNT/Denton that see this, the better!

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Isn't the entire reddit userbase made up of random creepers?
Good idea! I'll add this to the /r/unt sidebar.
+Michael Nelson Hooray!!! I sent one of the moderators a message about doing this earlier, but I got no response.
YAAAAY! All of this reddit/G+ business is by far the most productive thing I have done all summer.
+Amy Coronado Oh, I feel dumb. I just re-read your post and saw you sent a message to just one of us. Derp, silly me.
Not a student, but a townie (I freaking hate admitting that). Whatup, /r/Denton?
And now my /r/Denton circle has far more friends than any other circle.
Bah! And miss the sunrise? Another beer!, that's the answer!
I highly recommend trying out Whiskey + Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash if you ever get the chance. That's if you can find any in Denton, I've only seen it sold in Lubbock.
Follow both r/UNT & r/Denton. This is brilliant!! :D
Geez! I wasn't anticipating so many Denton redditors to come out from under our rocks when I posted this!!!

Matt R
Hello there everyone ;)
My thumbnail doesnt show my profile pic? I look like a creeper haha
I'll make sure to introduce myself as the Denton Creeper at the next r/Denton meetup haha
Sounds like a plan to me. Looking forward to finishing up next year.
I have tried to like it, believe me, I find the smell revolting, and the taste disgusting, I haven't had a soda in 7 years; therefore, carbonation burns my throat.

Wheat beers aren't so bad though.
Tons of options with wheat. There are a bunch of great hefeweizens. 7 years no soda? I don't have them often but I couldn't go that long without.
I must agree with Amy here. Beer is simply not a choice when liquor is available.
This is very cool. I am not really sure how to do this, so perhaps someone could help me out
Ehhh. We'll have to agree to disagree it seems.
At least you have a picture. I need to get around to that.
NO MOAR? It seems like we have a decent number of Denton redditors! Yay!
Thank you Amy! And yay for /r/unt. Although could you guys please not tell my Facebook I'm cheating. I feel a little guilty.
i better see some of you redditeers at the meetup next week
This is shaping up to be the biggest meetup I have ever seen.
howdy, math major at UNT and occasional reddit reader
Biology senior checking in here. Awwyeah r/UNT and r/Denton
Im interested in this group! :P add me!
Hello fellow Dentonees? Dentoneers? I'm not sure what we are called. Looking for the eagle redditor crowd!
my profile pic makes it look like I just graduated but that was in Dec 2010
Incoming freshman UNT redditor here. 
Actually I really enjoy the hangout feature. THere is a lot of cool stuff that G+ has to offer it just hasn't matured yet.
Yea, the hangout feature seems like it has a lot of potential. I just got the Nexus 7 and would like to try use G+ instead of FB. 
Avid google plus reddit. Not so avid with studying :/ . Good luck on finals guys!