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Abby Woods
A true blonde with true blonde moments
A true blonde with true blonde moments

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Sex Swing Consulting.... I love it.

So I have been taking calls about sex swings off the website for a couple years now. People call with questions about how to use a swing, what swing is best, sex positions, etc. I really get to talk to so many interesting people and some of our best swing ideas have come from the people that call us to ask questions. So please call me if you have questions. 

It is now snowing in michigan!

I love my job! There is nothing better then shipping order knowing that someone is about to have their day totally made. Even better, when a girl orders something and say to make sure it is discrete shipping because it is a surprise for her husband. Someone is in for the night of their lives!!!!!

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End the Shutdown!

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This is why everyone needs to by sex swings from me - so I can afford to travel to luxury hotels all the time. Hotel sex is so awesome!

Today I got my shop cleaned out. Tomorrow we paint, and then photoshoot! This is a great week!
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