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Nicu Zecheru
Able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure
Able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure

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OneDrive Downloading - 114% complete
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Something that should be read before upgrading to Windows 10. 

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Getting Deeper Insights into Contact Center Activity

CCView comes with a comprehensive set of gauges related to the Agent activity that provides you with a new instant perspective of the Contact 
Center efficiency

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FREE one year license to Avast Pro Antivirus

Although I did not use an antivirus for years now (except Windows Defender which is included in Windows), but maybe you are interested in this offer, which will end on June 19th at 1500 (UK time). 

#antivirus   #freebies

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Better social measurement

Shareaholic integrates with Google Analytics and provides sharing statistics directly within your GA dashboard.

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"On your mark, get set, go!" - Mobile-Friendly update is rolling!

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Great post about how to remove referral spam from Google Analytics.

Referral spam may sound harmless, but it can affect your web analytics data by inflating traffic volume metrics. The aim of referral spam is mainly to have links from sites that publish their access logs. These backlinks can improve search engine results for that URL.
Anyone else noticing a sharp increase in referral spam in recent months? Here's a quick guide to dealing with referral spam in Google Analytics and why it can be dangerous. It's especially useful for blocking referral spam that bypasses any .htaccess changes.

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A Japanese chef invented a new way to boil eggs so that the yolks to be on the outside and the whites to be on the inside. Here's how to do it!


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Google Chrome gone wild lately, it's eating about 3.5 GB RAM for 7-8 opened tabs... And this doesn't happen for Linux only, I have the same issue on Windows.

I am seriously thinking to switch to Firefox.

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