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A White One

One lonely white flower growing next to the purple ones.

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Pretty Bird

I was walking past a tree in the back yard and heard a bird overhead. Looked up and this was a few feet overhead in the tree. We have a lot of them around the feeders. This one sat while I took a picture from a few feet away. Didn't seem to be scared of me.

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That beautiful. 
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Daniel Frazier

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Drawings my mother made

She most likely made these around the 1930's to 1940's. Most were pencil drawings that are too light to show up very well in a photo. I had to enhance them with Photoshop so you could see them.

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Big and Yellow

From the garden. I like large flowers.
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Love the flowers, can't wait until it warms up to plant.
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The moon tonight

I missed it yesterday because of clouds. 

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Our First Spring Flowers of 2014

The purple ones showed up fist.

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Daniel Frazier

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I have a bat in my belfry window

Closed the window last night and when I got up this morning I found a bat between the screen and glass. Left the window open and he flew away this evening.

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I am not a welder but they do weld stainless where I work.
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Daniel Frazier

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Update on the fish pond

The wife has been stacking rocks. I have only had time to move a few big ones for her. I need a long vacation to help finish this.

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looking great!
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Daniel Frazier

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We haz a rainbow
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Where we are now with the Fish Pond

This is were we are at today. My brother came and helped with the lining. Still a lot of landscaping to do.
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Make stainless steel tubing.
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