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Michelle Parrinello-Cason (Balancing Jane)
Wife. Mother. PhD Student. Educator. Feminist. A look at the intersections.
Wife. Mother. PhD Student. Educator. Feminist. A look at the intersections.

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How to Tell a Trump Voter "I Told You So"
How should you go about telling your friends and family who voted for Trump "I told you so!" now that Trump's worst campaign rhetoric is being enacted as policy? Don't. How should you mock your uncle who forwarded you all those chain letters and blog posts ...

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Mayoral Debate Summary
I realize that I have readers for whom this will be completely irrelevant, but I went to a St. Louis mayoral debate tonight and have been asked to share my thoughts, so this is the easiest platform for me to do that. This debate was put on by several non-pr...

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Teaching Research and Writing in the Age of "Fake News"
It's almost hard for me to imagine it now, but growing up, I never watched the news. It was never on in my house. I remember taking "current event" quizzes in my history class and feeling completely disconnected from the world. I only heard of the topics in...

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Researching as a Community College Professor
I've got a post up over at the University of Toronto Press blog about researching as a community college professor (it was written in conjunction with an article I published on how narratives of fitness and feminism conflict, which is available here from Pr...

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Minimalism, Peace, and Time for Fighting
Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with my blog has probably seen me complaining about housekeeping. It's been a regular feature stretching back over the years here. I've mused about the gender divide in housekeeping and how it impacts negotiations i...

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What Gilmore Girls Teaches Us About Passion and Dreams
I was among those looking forward to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life  with great excitement. But I was also looking forward with tempered expectations. I didn't expect the reboot to be able to capture the magic of the original series, and I don't think I ...

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Spines for Spine: My Book Plans
As my previous post-election posts have suggested, I'm feeling a little dejected (and a lot angry) right now. I've been in numerous Facebook debates about tone policing and the purpose of protest. Even many of the brilliant pieces of commentary and analysis...

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Ways You Will Not Silence Me Today
I took a social media hiatus when the election results became apparent. I have a lot of conservative Facebook friends and family members, many of whom very vocally supported Trump, and I was certain that I could not handle their responses. My self-imposed i...

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I Am Not Okay
It is 3:30 in the morning, and I am not okay. I woke up a little less than twenty-four hours ago, dropped my baby son off at daycare, and came back to walk with my husband to vote. I felt a wave of enthusiasm and pride. I even remarked to my husband, as we ...

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I Guess I'm Not Done
Last night, I woke up at 3am to feed the baby and couldn't get back to sleep. I had a blog post idea, so I went to the admin site to draft it, and I found out that I had (through my own fault) lost my domain name. My blog was directing to nothing. This was ...
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