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Clearly April is turning out to be a busy month for me. Click the link below to read an interview with me by British author and co-founder of Author's Reach, Richard Hardie. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think. http://richardhardies. ...

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Book Review: Mars One
Mars One by Jonathan Maberry It’s been quite a while since I indulged in reading a book in one sitting. This past weekend, however, I let everything be and got comfortable with a really good book; reading till very late into the night. (Yes, Monday morning ...

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Researching Off The Beaten Path
of the best parts about writing is that sometimes researching a character for a book
takes me off the beaten path and down a different road into territory I’m only
barely familiar with. Research gives me the opportunity to learn a little about
many diff...

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Bittersweet and Inspiring
               For four years I was a part of the FIRST Robotics community
in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest, so it was only logical that I
seek out the FIRST family in Colorado. In the fall I volunteered as a judge at
the FIRST Lego League compe...

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Coming Back to Science Fiction
As you know, under my own name I write and explore
historical fiction, but to avoid shelf and reader confusion under a different
name – lately shortened to Nicky Adams – I write slightly paranormal but also
science fiction. In some ways the two go hand in h...

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Why I Write
Over the past few weeks, as I see the world changing, becoming a more uncertain and unsafe place, I’ve thought long and hard about why I write, if it matters that I write.  I’ve thought about that first novella of mine that came out in 2013, Tales from the ...

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The Lost Customer
Or the Missing Readers I recently had the
opportunity to talk to some of the kids who used to be on the high school
robotics team I mentored. They’re now in college and I thought they might be
interested in my YA novel Out in the Dark. They were interested,...

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Final Free Tutorial on Writing a Memoir or Biography (3)
Now that you have the pieces gathered together for the first chapter it’s time to start writing. Put the pictures that apply to the first chapter in order, add in your notes on the location, whether from a personal visit or online searches and virtual walk-...

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Free Tutorial on Writing a Memoir or Biography (2)
Tutorial 2 Setting the Scene So, you know grandfather was born in the Czech Republic (for
example), though at the time it might have been called something else. You’d love to go
visit and do some first-hand research so that when you write the family story i...

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Free Tutorial on Writing a Memoir or Biography (1)
Mining your family history for stories Tutorial 1 So, you there you are with a shoe box full of old photos and
some stories you might remember your parents or grandparents telling you. How do you
preserve that history for your kids and future generations? O...
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