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Logan was a solid C. Maybe B-, but no higher than that. 

I REALLY love The Dresden Files. 

Games I want to run, like, now:

FFG Star Wars
Stars Without Number/Other Dust
Shadow of the Demonlord

It's finally less than 1000 degrees in Texas. That means I can sit outside and tend my smoker while reading gaming books. There are worse ways to spend a day. 

Well...hello XCOM 2. 

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Well, with the new book, new trailer, and all of the news coming out of Celebration, it's time to start pining to play a Star Wars RPG again. 

Gonna use Faith Corps tonight to run some Shadowrun. Can't wait so see how it works out. 

Anyone have any luck running the shadows in Fate Core? I'm starting a game in the next week or so and was curious if there were any success or horror stories of porting my favorite setting/least favorite rules over to my favorite RPG. 

Hot damn, that was a good movie. 
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