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Expect the Expected!!!
Expect the Expected!!!

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The Wings of Dreams
Flying through my dreams, I visit times,of fond dimes and lost chimes. Ever when I wonder where my life has flown by, I close my eyes and ask my dreams for the wings to fly. There were some innocent blunders,some beautiful fights, Some lost advices,some ble...

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My small salute to all those brave men-women who are fighting for,fought for,will fight for this great country!
Respect & Pride!

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अथक, अजय, अचल,
Dedicated to all those brave men-women who are fighting for,fought for,will fight for this great country of India! Peace! अमिट  है  ये  कल्पना , जैसे  अथाह  है  ये  जल , उठ  और  साकार  कर ,कोई  विकल्प  ना , बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल . तुझसे  ही  उम्मीद  है ...

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Random Rants..(2)
Organised Flutter of Random Mishaps..   Partly a motley,partly a union,crowd gather.You can very well tell that they were conscious.The hum of a thousand and more heartbeats beating out of sync,yet in some resonance,was creating an atmosphere of uniformity....

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I wish!
I wish I was a kid still... I could watch the rain from my old window sill.. If only I had the access to the past... I could race ahead of everyone just so fast.. Pity that wouldnt have made difference to our fortunes... We would still be singing to the des...

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एक  मुद्दत  की  शिकन  थी , सौ  यादों  का  सामान  था , वो आँखें  दो  दरिया  ही  तो  थी , वो खिलौना  ये  दिल  ही  तो  था . बाजार में  आये  तो  जाना  क्या  कीमत  है , बेमोल  वर्ना  समझ बैठे  थे  इस  दिल-ए-नादान  को  हम , रुसवाई  हो  ही  गयी  है  जब  तो  ये  हा...

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The Fury!
The road rides with me,turns & bumps! My fury scorches it too,scars & burns! I don`t feel anything now,fire or wrath! And I dont remember what I lost or won,the math! The sky teases me,goes away as I ride close, The hills roll besides as if reciting a prose...

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वो पुराने सूखे हुए दरख़्त!
वो पुराने सूखे हुए दरख़्त! बहुत दिन हुए,अब लगता है आओ चलते है, उस पुरानी गली मे उस पुराने घर की ओर आज मुड़ते है गली कुछ सिमटी सहमी से अब लगती है,वो चहल पहल कही गुम है, वो पुराने दरख़्त अब सूख गये है,डालो पर पंछी भी अब कम है गली की वो धूल अब कहाँ मेरे पैरों ...

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Why? I ask in might! Are these fauna & trees in sight? Aren`t they free to be destroyed or hunted down? To create space for the cement & spires,our jewel,our crown? I am sure I am in a mad dream of past. Who now has time to ponder that waste is aghast! I ha...
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