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Fred Fifield
I'm just like you only different.
I'm just like you only different.

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HA! HA! I'm posting on Google+!

Hey! I found the button that turns my stream into a single column. G+ is usable for me.

I'm convinced that if a Google representative broke in to the house every G+ user and gruesomely murdered the first person they saw, there's a certain percentage of people here who would exclaim how cool it was that Google would do that.

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Cinco de Mayo is an odd day, particularly once you learn a bit about the history of it. It's a celebration of a Mexican victory over the French. Yeah. The French. Apparently France saw an opportunity to establish a foothold in Latin America following the Mexican-American war and resulting civil wars in Mexico. Mexico was bankrupt from these conflicts and the US was busy with its own Civil War, so the French decided, "Hey, this should be easy." Except France did what France usually does when they're not led by Napoleon or backed by a shitload of allies and they got their asses kicked at Puebla even though they outnumbered a poorly equipped Mexican army 2-1. 

Although it's a state holiday in Puebla it's not a national holiday. The American celebration of this day originated in California and spread to other parts of the country in the mid-1900's as part of the growing Chicano movement and evolved into what we have today. So now you know why you'll be hungover tomorrow. ;)

Well, we're one quarter of the way into 2013. For me it's the anti-2012 and that's a very good thing.

Finding out that HBO2 was running season 2 of GoT in its entirety today leading up to tonight's season premier pretty much killed any chance I had today of doing anything useful.

It looks like my second ex found my blog and is leaving kind and loving comments. heh heh     The woman really is a work of art. And unrelenting bitterness. :(

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This speaks for itself.
It completely baffles my mind that some people are fighting so hard to protect something that is taken so lightly and treated with such little regard.........

one man's trash becomes another man's treasure  ..........  

Next week, I am going to LA to spend time with a bunch of gay married couples. Some of them even have children!  I guess you know where I stand on those issues............

Have a great day, all.
Peace. Love. And that stuff.....

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Here you go +Megan Eklund.

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The reality of the day. Come and get me bitch!  :P
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