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HA! HA! I'm posting on Google+!
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These "jokes" need punishing. 
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Fred Fifield

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I'm convinced that if a Google representative broke in to the house every G+ user and gruesomely murdered the first person they saw, there's a certain percentage of people here who would exclaim how cool it was that Google would do that.
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Order 66?
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Fred Fifield

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Well, we're one quarter of the way into 2013. For me it's the anti-2012 and that's a very good thing.
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Fred Fifield

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Finding out that HBO2 was running season 2 of GoT in its entirety today leading up to tonight's season premier pretty much killed any chance I had today of doing anything useful.
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I believe this season is the first half of book 3 and season four is the other half.
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Fred Fifield

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This speaks for itself.
It completely baffles my mind that some people are fighting so hard to protect something that is taken so lightly and treated with such little regard.........

one man's trash becomes another man's treasure  ..........  

Next week, I am going to LA to spend time with a bunch of gay married couples. Some of them even have children!  I guess you know where I stand on those issues............

Have a great day, all.
Peace. Love. And that stuff.....
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Fred Fifield

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The reality of the day. Come and get me bitch!  :P
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Yeah +S Seegars I do have that going for me. And I don't feel it either. Unless it's push up day. I feel it then.
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Fred Fifield

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After all the stuff I've seen on G+ about people who wait in lines for iPhones seeing this pic became an irresistible post.
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I love this thread, so much!
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Fred Fifield

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Hey! I found the button that turns my stream into a single column. G+ is usable for me.
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I'm okay with the dual column, but man did my eyes go all CREZY when I went full-screen on a 24" monitor. Three columns? Bullshit.
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Fred Fifield

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Cinco de Mayo is an odd day, particularly once you learn a bit about the history of it. It's a celebration of a Mexican victory over the French. Yeah. The French. Apparently France saw an opportunity to establish a foothold in Latin America following the Mexican-American war and resulting civil wars in Mexico. Mexico was bankrupt from these conflicts and the US was busy with its own Civil War, so the French decided, "Hey, this should be easy." Except France did what France usually does when they're not led by Napoleon or backed by a shitload of allies and they got their asses kicked at Puebla even though they outnumbered a poorly equipped Mexican army 2-1. 

Although it's a state holiday in Puebla it's not a national holiday. The American celebration of this day originated in California and spread to other parts of the country in the mid-1900's as part of the growing Chicano movement and evolved into what we have today. So now you know why you'll be hungover tomorrow. ;)
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/me refrains from breaking out the story of the mayonnaise shipment sinking off the coast of Ciudad de Mexico on 5/5/1847.
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Fred Fifield

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It looks like my second ex found my blog and is leaving kind and loving comments. heh heh     The woman really is a work of art. And unrelenting bitterness. :(
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Thank you +Melissa Goldmann.  :-)
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Fred Fifield

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Here you go +Megan Eklund.
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Huh, so it is.  I'd heard of her, but never actually seen a pic.  
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Fred Fifield changed his profile photo.

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I remember his earlier posts as he was getting ready for this move, and I've been through similar dislocations myself so I know how stressful they can be.  I think we can safely call this one a WIN. 
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Scott did a great job with my car. He kept me posted as to what my car needed and why and what the cost would be. There were no surprises and my car came back looking great.
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I've lived here for a month now and I really like it. I've not seen a single bug or evidence of them in my apartment. There were some issues with my apartment when I moved in and they were addressed within 48 hours of my reporting them. I haven't had any issues with noise above and beyond what you would expect from an apartment complex. My apartment is right behind the Fry's on Indian School and 83rd Ave and the delivery trucks arrive at all hours of the night and are sometimes noisy. This is beyond the control of the management obviously. There are a few stray cats that seem to call the property home and they are occasionally annoying. I live in a two bedroom apartment. I like the layout. The kitchen, dining room, halls, and bathrooms have wood laminate flooring which is nice to look at but a pain to keep clean. The kitchen is the most spacious kitchen I have ever had or seen in an apartment in this price range. The appliances (stove, dishwasher, refrigerator) are newish and work well. The bedrooms are nicely sized too. The living room is very small and as a result it took me a couple of tries to get the layout of my furniture right. The bathtubs and sinks in the bathroom are the one area where the apartment shows its age. There's also no medicine cabinets in either bathroom but there is ample storage underneath the sinks. Speaking of storage there is a pantry off the dining room, a shallow linen closet in the hall, and a storage room in the patio area. One thing to note is that each apartment has its own hot water heater. I have no issue with that in and of itself although since they're electric your electricity bill is going to be higher than you would be used to paying than you would in a place with a central hot water setup. Eight month update....... Since I've moved in I've had to make three service requests. The first, for an A/C unit that wasn't cooling well was handled promptly. The next two took over three weeks each to get handled. Both requests were initiated via the complex's online request tool and both took two additional visits each to the office to get handled. Be prepared to spend some time waiting if you have to go to the office for anything. This is one of the busiest offices I've ever seen. If there's people ahead of you, particularly if they're renting an apartment, you're going to spend a serious amount of time waiting to be seen. Their online request system is completely broken and one time the office staff insisted I never made a request even though I had printed out the receipt from the online system accepting my request. My deal-breaker with this property is their DirecTV policy. If you're going to rent here and want to have a satellite TV service make sure you get an apartment that faces the south. If you don't you're going to be stuck with cable. I didn't think this would be an issue since the apartment next door to me has a dish on its roof and when you walk the property you see several other apartments that don't face the proper direction that have a dish on their roof. I presumed that they would allow a dish on the roof because of this. This was a poor presumption on my part. It seems like an arbitrary policy to me. Either allow them or don't. Combined with the maintenance issues this is a deal-breaker for me and I won't be renewing my lease. It's too bad because it'a a good apartment for the price range, but arbitrary policies and poor maintenance response times are just too much to over look.
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I've never eaten here in the restaurant, I always get the food for take out. I live less than a mile away and by the time I get there after I phone in my order the food is always ready to go. I've had a number of items on the menu and have never been disappointed. It is a bit pricey (most entrees range from $9-13) but i don't mind because it's always good and it's close by. If you like Chnese food and live in the Tatum Ranch area this is the place to go.
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I love this place! Everything on the menu is great except for the wings, which are average, but hey, it's called #1 Brothers Pizza, not #1 Brothers Wings. My favorites are the pizza and any of the hot subs.
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Great atmosphere, fair food, lousy service. It seems like each time I go there it's a little worse than it was the time before. It's too bad because it used to be a fun place to go.
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