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Japan-Norway Society October Cooking Class
The Japan-Norway Society invited me to do a Japanese cookery class last July.  Thanks to those who kindly organised the cookery class and enthusiastic participants, it was a big success. I´m invited by the J-NS again to teach in October! Date: Wednesday 26t...

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Stir-fried pork and kimuchi
豚キムチ Kimuchi -- a traditional Asian (Korean) dish made from fermented Chinese cabbage has become popular in Norway in recent years.  I saw even the recipes for kimuchi in food magazines and news papers, as I understood, some people started making own kimuch...

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Whale meat `tatsuta-age´ Norweigian style
鯨の竜田揚げ、ノルウェー風 My family and I travelled to Northern Norway last week. There we had delicious fish and local food. One of the things I was given by friends to take was whale meat. Whale meat, believe or not, was occasionally served as school lunch when I was...

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Savoury pancake (okonomi-yaki)
お好み焼き Have you seen this week´s `Master Chef´? Wow, I was so impressed with the participants who had to make Japanese dishes that they had never tasted, and probably never seen, before.  Namely they were `dango (mitarashi dango, correctly) and `okonomi-yaki...

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Sesame dressing salad with broccoli
ブロッコリーの胡麻和え This is a very simple recipe but always a success whenever I serve this :-) It´s best to toast and grind sesame seeds yourself. But of course you can buy toasted sesame seeds at supermarket and use a blender. Serves 4 1 bouquet of broccoli dress...

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New Year soup with rice cake (Zoni)
お雑煮 A Happy New Year! One of the dishes I´m always looking forward to have for New Year is a soup with rice cake, called `zoni´. Rice cake `mochi´ is made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and moulded into shape. `Zoni´ is an important part of New Year d...

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Traditional New Year dish
お節料理 Like Christmas in Norway, for many people new year is a family-gathering event in Japan. Traditional Japanese new year dish is an important part of this occasion. Probably you´ve heard of `O-mochi (sticky rice cake)´ that sends a quite few people to ho...

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Deep-fried aubergine with miso sauce
茄子田楽 This miso sauce is easy to make and very versatile to any sort of food. I like to combine the sauce with zucchini, figs, tofu or aubergine as here. Serves 4 Vegetable oil for deep-frying 1 aubergine 1ss toasted white poppy seeds (optional) MISO SAUCE 8...

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Cooked minced chicken with rice in lunch box
鶏そぼろ弁当 Minced chicken meat cooked in sake, soya & sugar is a classic topping on white steamed rice. With scrambled egg and cooked green vegetable a Japanese tricolour lunch box is ready to go! Serves 4 200g minced chicken meat 1/2dl sake 2ss sugar 2ss soya ...
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