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Jennifer Mieirs
Self proclaimed genealogy addict.
Self proclaimed genealogy addict.

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The Trahern's in Virginia
This is probably not the right title, because the family of Nehemiah Trahern's brother, William Trahern resided in Loudon County, Virginia, and what I plan on talking about is Nehemiah's family who were in Pittsylvania county. You can find in the Loudon cou...

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Locating My Pittsylvania County Roots
One of the hardest things over the years has been to trace my Trahern family in Pittsylvania county. Primarily because the only way to find records was to go there in person. Yesterday while looking into the Loudon county Trahern's, I found out that records...

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Segment groupings for the Hardy DNA
With the addition of so many testers for the Hardy family on Gedmatch,  and since it lacks the double relationships of the McCurdy family (which would make it so much more complicated), I decided to examine the frequency of matching segments within this fam...

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Just what is a Double cousin and how does that affect my DNA?
Technically, anytime you share more than one line you can be called a double cousin. My paternal tree is chock full of cousins with more than one family. It just isn't a joke when I say I am related to half of Santa Rosa and Escambia counties. That said, wh...

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Just how does my DNA matches stack up?
I have a confession to make, though I have tested at both Ancestry and 23andme, I rarely work on my own DNA matches. Since I tested both my parents at 23andme, and they are on both Gedmatch and FTDNA, I work on their matches and not my own. Since I manage s...

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Ancestry Genetic Communitities
When I logged into my Ancestry account yesterday, my DNA homepage looked different. The brand new Genetic Communities has rolled out. I was intrigued, but thus far, what the communities are showing me is information I already knew. I have tested several fam...

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Addressing the Choctaw in Great Crossing Part two
There is not a lot of genealogy in the book Great Crossing that I critiqued but there is some things that deserve correction, clarification, or further explanation. I addressed John Pitchlynn's father in my critique. This is one of those inaccuracies that w...

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"Great Crossings: Indians, Settlers and Slaves in the Age of Jackson" a review
Great Crossings:Indians, Settlers and Slaves in the Age of Jackson by Christina Snyder was mentioned to me recently. I bought the book and read it. Some would say I am being hypercritical, and arguably, some of my problems with the book stem from my backgro...

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My DNA match won't answer my email
DNA matches for those of us who are trying to use it for genealogy are like gold. There is nothing more frustrating than when you have that match and the person never answers. There is not a lot you can do about their lack of response, but if you know how, ...

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Shakespeare Family of Henley in Arden
Trying to do a google search for a Shakespeare in Henley in Arden will get you a lot of information on the poet, but little else. So I am working on a project, with the help of another Shakespeare descendant of one of the Henley in Arden Shakespeare's. I am...
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