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Joint show at the Landing Gallery. Gibsons. BC


Bill C 38 is probably one of the sneakest bills ever. Trust the Harper Govt to try and sneak ENVIRONMENTAL WRECKING elements in. THE LIBERALS , NDP & GREEN parties are all up and arms and so should you. This is an all guns attck on what democracy we have left in this country. Make some noise.

For instance the reclassification of economically valuable fish willl leave pristine lakes with NATIVE CUTTHROAT TROUT in them open to being possible FREE tailing ponds for mining companies.

This bill is a travesty on your rights. Don't let the Govt. sell out any more of our precious resources.

At risk, basics like clean air, water and forests Please check out the DON"T SELL US OUT LINK below.

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Earth Day at Roberts Creek breakwater. Was manning Transition Town booth...Sunshine Coast in Transition.
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My first Artists' book in the new studio..Hooray!

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Hi folks,
I'm trying to be 'social'. This is a real experiment so 'bear' with me. We are settling in on the coast. Terri and I have our studios near completion and are ready, somewhat for the spring / summer. Hope your year is coming along nicely.

Please check out the link below to see my latest artwork. Please 'collect me' if you like the work and then my profile can go public.

cheers to all and many blessings.

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