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Elena Davies
Plus size, body positive, lipstick enthusiast and professional crazy cat lady.
Plus size, body positive, lipstick enthusiast and professional crazy cat lady.

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Planning A Christening
We are having Lilian christened in a couple of weeks time so I thought I'd share a little of the planning process with you. Although we're not overly religious the church is the backbone of our village and we appreciate the values and community it provides....

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Turtle Tots Northamptonshire Review
This week saw the start of our third term of baby swimming classes with Turtle Tots and I thought it was about time I shared our love for them. Swimming classes were one thing I knew I definitely wanted to do when I was pregnant with both of my babies. My l...

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International Women's Day 2017
I have spent my life being told I am too much. Too chatty, too loud, too fat, too open, too over the top, just too much . But I will not shrink and I will not be silenced. It is my responsibility to be who I am not just for me but for my daughter and for al...

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Our Must-Have Baby Books
I was such a bookworm as a child. Whilst most kids were being told off for watching cartoons before school I was being told off for still being in a towel from the shower when it was time to leave because I wanted to read one more chapter. My love for books...

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Plus Size Boobin' - ASOS Curve Ditsy Dress
If I thought finding plus size maternity clothes was hard, the lack of plus size breastfeeding friendly clothes is on a whole other level. As such, since having my little boob fiend my clothing options have become severely limited. (And don't even get me st...

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Rainbow Baby Update - Lilian at 2 Months
Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?! Everyone tells you how quickly time passes when they're here but you have to live it to really believe it. It seems crazy how those last few weeks of pregnancy dragged, wrought with anxiety and fear that we would never g...

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My Top 5 Best Baby Buys
Six weeks into life with a baby and there have a few items that have made our lives a lot, lot easier so I thought I'd share them with you!  Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine  (approx. £69.99) - If you are formula feeding or combination feeding like we are...

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Lilian Agnes
Lilian Agnes Davies, born at 9.48pm on 20th August 2016.  Our beautiful girl; the perfect little sister, the brightest rainbow.  More to come soon!

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One Year
I wrote this a year to the day we went into hospital to be induced with Aneurin. I wasn't sure I wanted to publish it because I wanted Aneurin's anniversary week to be positive, which is why I wrote his birth story . However, grief isn't positive and that w...

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Rainbow Pregnancy - 33 Week Update
29 : 31 : 33 week bumps This update is long overdue! I missed my 28, 30 and 32 week updates and now all of a sudden I am 33 weeks pregnant and a mere five weeks away from meeting our little girl. This is going to be a long one and probably not the most well...
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