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Jonathon Watkins
Gloucestershire based photographer specialising in people & places
Gloucestershire based photographer specialising in people & places

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I'm delighted my photos of the Pyromaniac chef and her Yurt have been featured in Waitrose nationwide Weekend Magazine. (Pick up your copy today ;-). PhotoGlow is all about People & places, so it's great they used the best of both. More details on the PhotoGlow website: 

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Great to get such positive feedback from Polly & Dave for this wedding on Saturday. :-) #MyClientsAreTheBest

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A few photos from the Solar Eclipse over Gloucestershire

Solar eclipses do not occur very often over the UK, so I wanted to capture the moment from somewhere with a great view over the Gloucestershire landscape. The sun rises in the east, so to capture great images I needed a hill facing the west....

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Jonathon Watkins from PhotoGlow Photography Ltd. I'm a visual storyteller, capturing moment and creating memories discreetly & efficiently with a smile. From the wedding day the couple will take away their rings, vows and photographs. #WorthInvestingIn 

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I'm a visual person (funny that. ;-)  and love viewing & presenting data in different ways. This infographic shows a calendar of possible portraits locations with different foliage & seasons throughout the year. Whatever the light conditions, whatever the time of year there's a creative, colourful & natural portrait possibility just waiting for you. What's your favourite season?

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Yup, this looks familiar. ;-)
What does success looks like to you?

I can definitely relate to this! How about you?

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Such a delight to photograph Alice & Dan's wedding at Westonbirt arboretum; especially to be featured on Darling Lovely Life Blog.

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Everyone has different priorities; they are reflected in what we spend our money on. There are many ways to save on a wedding day and people should not feel guilty in investing in what's important to them. Annabel from Love My Dress Blog has written a good repost to an article saying that a £60 wedding dress, naff disco and iffy food was good enough for most people.

"Why is a wedding photographer not worth £2-£3k and more when they have to spend a whole day artistically and skillfully capturing precious moments that will create invaluable treasured memories for a lifetime?  Why shouldn't a bride and groom spend money on all these things without being accused of being vulgar and competitive and overlooking what's really important?"

People should feel free to prioritise as they see best. I would personally hope it included one of the few things to take away from the day, beautifully crafted wedding memories/images.

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Excellent post by Annabel. We all have different priories on how we spend our money and your wedding day should reflect yours, not what other's expectations are.

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Excellent article. The time is now. #LovedAsYouAre
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