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What a week for #freelance! My (non)expert advice for #freelancers.

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CubeStormer II

Is a robot which set a Guinness World Record of 5.270 s for the fastest robot solving a Rubik's Cube on 11th Nov 2011 .The CubeStormer II is built from four Lego Mindstorm NXT kits, which are controlled by a custom-made Android app running on a Samsung Galaxy S II. The bot takes a photo of each side, then computes the most efficient way to rotate to the parts so that each side shows just one colour. The project was commissioned by ARM Holdings and designed and built by Mike Dobson and David Gilday.The official human fastest time is 5.66 s
Rubik's cube world record: 5.66 seconds Feliks Zemdegs
CubeStormer II


Systems down at work! Awesome. 

Happy birthday Google!

still don't get Google+
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