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Now I've been using G+ for a while and getting to understand more about it, I've come to the conclusion that it's a pretty good idea that just happens to be short of users and content. Much nicer and easier to use than Facebook, anyway.
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Glad someone has ;)

I'm still of the "ghost town" belief of this place. I wrote for my blog a piece about how the sharing part of G+ isn't working very well - just look at most stories and articles, with Facebook shares in the 100s and G+ often not even above two.

I keep coming back to see if there's any improvement but not convinced it's that useful...
It's definitely a ghost town, but like many ghost towns there's some great infrastructure in place, just no one to use it.
Fair point well made. In the short, sharp bursts of activity I have here, I see what possibilities could be made....but it does seem like a walled garden, frankly, and I had enough of that with AOL 
I think its still ghost town like in terms of people you know, but I have been using the search for months on topics that interest me and there has definitely been growth in the number of posts on these topics, a lot in fact.  For instance, even 4 months back I'd search "chess" to see who is posting stuff about chess and would come up with maybe 50 posts a day.  Now there are thousands.  I'd imagine that Chess is a tiny interest in comparison to the entire G+ user base thus if even something this specific is showing signs of such growth maybe the numbers are really getting better.

I know its totally unscientific, but try searching some topics and you will realize there are a lot of people on here, just not necessarily a lot that we know personally (yet).  The new communities feature will also likely help as now people have a place to go based on their interests (more reason to stick around and/or post).
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