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When a solar storm hits the Northern poles in Northern Norway .
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Looking between golden threads, by umberto martinenghi.
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New Zealand, by Alexander Lozitsky.
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The Law of the Jungle.

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Sinking Memories... To the memory of G +..
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The final Sunday Share will be on March 3rd and I will stop posting on this network on March 05 :- those who want to reach me can do so on gab, minds, steemit and usn - please send me a message before March 03 [I'm not sure yet about mewe as it keeps having technical problems at all times and was obviously created as a catch-all for the more naive G+ user, who will no doubt find it an excellent echo chamber. with cats on every wall]. Otherwise, farewell and thanks for all the fish - watch out, take care and don't talk too much, we live in interesting times. In a word, there are two weeks to get our stuff together... I will then try to find out how feasible circle shares are on any of the abovementioned networks, and will be grateful for your hints ;)
All the Best to All of You. It was good while it lasted

+Adam Bliven
+agus nedi
+Aimee Lane
+Allan Raymundo
+Alex Bihlo
+alex ho
+alice yam
+Andy Lippner
+Angela Hartmann
+April Bennett

+Berkah Tembaga
+Brigitte HF

+Chiropractic Family Health Centre
+Chris Madzier
+Claudio Alves
+Contessa Mont de Vejil

+Daniel Moen
+Daniela Settimo
+dat8ja blog
+Digital Anatomy ANATOMIUM
+D J Austin
+Dr Tammy Cashion

+elice yam
+Elizabeth M

+Fina Rosdiana
+France Manon Michaud
+Frankie2socks Gainsford

+Gail Lewis
+Gallant Traveler
+Georgianna Ross
+grenmelnurie-claudio alves

+Haslian Berkahtembaga

+Integrated Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy

+James Clair Lewis
+jason uttley
+jayashree trao
+Jefferson Krautsieder
+JMJ Wellness
+Joachim Mroß
+Justin Case

+Kanwar Vinod
+Karl Schmitt
+Kathrin Pohl
+Kerajinan Tembaga
+Kevin Woolcock
+Kirsten b
+Krystyna P. Tigris

+La Mariée
+Lynda Bathory

+Mahesh Thakkar
+Mamoun Khateeb
+Marques Campbell
+Martyn Regan
+Massimo Luciani

+National Aquaculture Group |
+Nico Nick
+Nyla Vox ASMR

+Pablo Maglio
+Pam Dabney
+Pearl White
+Peter J. Azzopardi

+Rajesh Raj
+Raphael Maes
+Richard Allen

+Sandrine Berjonneau
+Sonia Beauchamp
+Stefania Mattana
+Suhardi Munir

+tako nikako
+Thais Moura
+The Indicator Store for Ninjatrader

+Victoria D
+Vijay Bayad
+Viktor Mulin
+Vladlen Nikulin

+Walt Armour

+Yawar Nawaz

+Zaid Abed -Ms

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