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Straddle Carriers, Rubber Tyred Gantries, Container Handling
Straddle Carriers, Rubber Tyred Gantries, Container Handling

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#Isoloader has recently delivered and commissioned 3 off #StraddleCarriers for carrying Aluminium Ingots, to the Rio Tinto Kitimat modernisation project in Canada.
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#Isoloader - Handling extra long loads.
Heavy and long loads over 20m in length can be handled by two machines working in tandem, using either synchronized or independent controls. #Isoloader #StraddleCarriers and #RubberTyredGantries (RTG) can be configured to work in tandem. Dual machines can be used to handle long structures such as pre-cast concrete segments used for bridges, or for pylons and towers. To learn more visit:
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#Isoloader #StraddleCarriers – Straddle carriers suitable for operation on uneven surfaces.
Since their beginnings in the 1970’s Isoloader Straddle Carriers have been renowned for their serviceability and durability, particularly when it comes to harsh operating conditions often seen with unsealed or uneven pavements. As testament to this, some of our earliest machines remain in service decades after commissioning
At Isoloader we are quite often asked to supply a Straddle Carrier for sites such as ports, intermodal or project sites with very uneven surfaces and features such as potholes, speed bumps, rail crossings, drainage sumps or spill traps. Although in standard configuration our machines, which are inherently flexible, can withstand such arduous conditions, there are situations where a solution is necessary to cope with  particularly uneven terrain.
In response to growing need some 10 years ago Isoloader began to develop the “Isoloader Levelling System (ILS)” an innovative automatic system which is now offered as an optional feature for clients with less than perfect site conditions. The ILS system automatically adjusts the Straddle Carrier to accommodate uneven surfaces, ensuring traction, protecting the structure and maintaining an even load distribution over the four axles.
Isoloader machines equipped with ILS have now been in operation for as long as 10 years. As a further benefit the load equalising effect of ILS coupled with our accurate steering geometry and even weight distribution over 4 points can be linked to the ongoing pavement life on these sites. The use of an Isoloader Straddle Carrier over reach stackers, forklifts and other Straddle designs can lead to significant cost savings on pavement construction and repair.
With a four wheel “ILS” equipped Isoloader Straddle carrier, our response to uneven ground is simple, economic, automatic and enables Isoloader to continue to lead the industry with cost effective and reliable Straddle Carriers.
For more information on Isoloader Straddle Carriers, or to learn more on how ILS works, please feel free to contact us.
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