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Living the #Measure Life
Living the #Measure Life

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Has anyone had problems with Facebook blocking links to a site with Google Tag Manager installed? Just had someone email me about it, they weren't able to post a link to their Facebook Page because of GTM.  I did some searching and found this forum question on Facebook with no good answers: 

Anyone have any ideas? Very strange.

Alright, I waited a few weeks and I can't take it anymore. I tried to love it, but I absolutely can't stand the new GTM UI (V2). I really tried to get used to it, but I keep running into SO many quirks and weird UI stuff, I miss V1 GTM so so so much, I wish I could go back - honestly, I'm about to start hard coding again (okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but really...). I hate not being able to edit events when I'm in a tag, I hate not being able to search for JUST tags or triggers, I hate the trigger definition wizard.  My laundry list of stuff I hate is so long I don't even know where to start. 

Is it just me? If it's just me, what are your tips to love V2? 

Has anyone ever had a UA hitCallback not work? I've used them a 100 times and all of a sudden, I have a Universal Analytics hitCallback that REFUSES to fire on a site. I feel like I've tried everything, no javascript errors, I've created new Universal Tags, new hitCallback macros, tested it on other UA tags, they work just fine in other accounts, just can't get it to work in this ONE single account. What gives? 

Any common pitfalls with hitCallbacks? Ideas? Or suggestions? I'm out of ideas! 

Tech question: I'm trying build a standard for tracking forms. Ultimately, I want to push multiple form values into a SINGLE dataLayer value. I DO NOT intend on using all values in the form - obviously, no personal information.  

I want to be able to push an object into a dataLayer value and access the values of that object from a single key in the dataLayer.

it might look something like this:
  'event': 'form',
  'formValues': {request: 'service', location: 'minnesota'}

Does anyone know if there is a way to access those values within GTM? 

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Hi everyone, 

I'm curious to learn more about how others in the group are documenting tags, dataLayers and scripts within GTM. I manage a few properties, all with GTM and I find it overwhelming to manage so many elements. Some of my containers have 100's of pixels and dozens upon dozens of dataLayer objects on the various pages.  Someone will request a new tag or something, and in my head I'm thinking, "I think I have a script for this?", "What was that element class again?", "I need to change a script, what other things will it impact?" etc. etc. 

I took a stab at documenting things in Excel, here's a small sample.

 I guess my main question is, what is the best way to document a Google Tag Manager implementation and the related tags?  Suggestions? Thoughts? Feedback? Is there a better way? 

Thanks in advance! 

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This is the greatest thing ever... automatically add photos to your calendar. Go back and see what pictures you took and when. So cool. 

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Combining device data in #GoogleAnalytics ?  Has there ever been a better time to be a digital analyst?


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Does anyone know if code exists to integrate Vimeo Google Analytics video tracking + Google Tag Manager? Thought I'd ask before I start writing new code. 

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I'm in heaven...

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Couldn't agree more. Why Too Much Data Disables your Decision Making ability. #measure
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