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MFW discovering an old, completely uncensored version of Wheatus' Teenage Dirtbag.

Oh hey guys, look, updating Windows 10 today handily set my default browser back to Microsoft Edge and reinstalls the annoying Microsoft Office 365 advertisement!!!

What an incredible value!!!!

You guys still stuck on Windows 7 have no idea what kind of exciting improvements Microsoft are delivering!!!

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Hello, Typescript!
After spending some time wrestling with it, a few months ago I began porting my Dart-based codebases to Typescript. I can't say the process has been particularly easy, but ultimately it's been worth it. The tools The roughest part of the migrations, I think...

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Start Google Play.

Browse Stations.

Chiptunes? Why not.

Playlist generated: one chiptune song, rest are orchestral, techno, and in some instances what is apparently a love song.


Switch to Pandora.

Hangouts + Android Wear is a legit piece of garbage sometimes. It's ridiculously unreliable: the fact that it won't send a hangout message if another message comes in right as you're dictating has been known for like a year now but still hasn't been fixed.

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"This happens all the time," she says. Are you serious, woman?! You just go around arresting people without evidence "all the time?!"

Someone get me off this planet.
A Miami man spends more than a month in jail on false rape charges after a woman he did not know found his Facebook profile and identified him as her rapist.

"This happens all the time," said a prosecutor from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. 

#Miami #Law #PoliceState  

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Vanity domains are the best domains, I guess.

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I've published dart-tools 0.9.2, which brings Atom 1.0 compatibility and analysis server support to the plugin. It's pretty rudimentary - basic autocomplete, code analysis, formatting, etc - so don't throw out WebStorm just yet. I find it useful for doing some light hacking in Dart when I already have Atom open.

Probably has some bugs still. Buyer beware.

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About a year ago I evaluated Dropbox's Datastore API for persisting data fragments for an application.

At the time it fell out of the running for the following reasons:

* Weak: Didn't seem to be strongly related to Dropbox's core competency.
* Proprietary: 100% reliant on Dropbox; no open source alternatives.

Looks like I made the right choice in going with CouchDB as the persistence service.
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