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Stuck On Earth

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It's Out!!  Stuck On Earth Now Available for Mac!  FREE  

See that strange first screenshot below?  It shows a great feature that allows you to Download All Photos from the current map to a new trip.  Very handy!  Just click Download All on the lower right, and it will take care of the rest for you.  This is handy because I know you may not have internet when you are trying to find that special place again.  

We've already submitted an update to Apple to fix a few of the bugs people have found.  Thanks for the feedback, and we have some more great features coming!  

If you want to Android or iPad versions, just visit :)  
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Is this no longer being actively developed for iOS? I can't find it in the app store any more.
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Stuck On Earth

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(photo from the new Mac version in testing)...

I started thinking again of going to Lake Bikial in Russia...  where's the best place to go to get those amazing ice shots?  There are many markers for you in Stuck on Earth!  :) 
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Will there be an app for the Kindle Fire???
or do I need to also purchase an I pad??
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Stuck On Earth

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(From the Stuck On Earth Mac Beta)

I've always wanted to go here to Bagan, so I did a search up top to find the best places to go stand when I get there so I get that exact perspective I want!  
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Indah semoga kasih kita secerah sinarnya matahari.

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Stuck On Earth

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+Stuck On Earth for Android!

Now's your chance to enjoy the adventure with Stuck On Earth from an Android device :)

Download the app and let us know what you think… better yet, create your own Top 50 List and share it with everyone by submitting to the SOE Editor!
A new kind of travel app that brings you the best places in the world to vi...
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Yes I don't find the app in the Google play store.
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Stuck On Earth

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The Android Beta is about to go out... want to know a little about how to play with it?  Here's a video with a great voiceover by +Karen Hutton  ! :)

 Stuck On Earth - The Ultimate Guide for Photographers, Explorers, and Daydreamers 
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Not sure if this is the forum for this question but... Is this still being enhanced/developed? Was trying to figure if the trips that you can create and the images you save tothem are/can be saved to the device for use offline (for use outside of wifi coverage)? Would also be great to be able to save trips that are available between devices.
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Stuck On Earth

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Stuck On Earth 3.0.1 now available!

The +Stuck On Earth team has been hard at work tracking down and fixing bugs reported by the Community.

If you're still experiencing issues with the 3.0.1 release please get in touch with us by emailing stuckonearth.editor [at] .

We look forward to continually growing the Stuck On Earth Community in 2013! :)
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+Andrea Pirazzini I think its been out for iPhone for well over a year.
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Stuck On Earth

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Overloaded and Throttled by Flickr!  Stuck On Earth - Update
First, let me thank Marissa Mayer for taking this to the next level!  Yay for Flickr/Yahoo!  

Want to test the Final version for the Mac? see below!

As many of you know, Stuck On Earth ( ) has been immensely popular, just passing over a million updates on iOS for the iPad.  Then we released the Android version, and now the Mac version is in final testing (see below if you want to join the open beta today!).  The app is totally free and has been a personal labor of love for me and the rest of the team.  I built it first for myself, since I wanted a new kind of travel guide, one that focused on visiting the best locations to go stand and take photos, which also happens to be the most beautiful places either in your own backyard or for your upcoming vacation.

Seeing beautiful places when you travel is perhaps the greatest aspiration for many people around the world.  I wanted to make that more efficient, fun, and approachable for everyone, so we built Stuck On Earth.  That's why we call it, "The ultimate travel guide for explorers, photographers, and daydreamers!"

The Problem with Flickr - Throttling
It turns out the app was so popular that we were seeing all kinds of strange bugs, such as pictures not showing up.  This was especially true of the newly upgraded Mac version because it has a really cool feature in that it pre-loads the photos so you never have to wait while flipping through photos to find a good place to take photos.  We found out that many photos were getting denied (black screens!) because there was just too much demand. 

Update - Marissa saves the day!
Is she the Dagny Taggart of the Internet?  Maybe! :)

So now, thanks to an upgrade in the relationship, all throttling has been turned off and we have full access, unencumbered to the billions of photos inside of Flickr.  Now everyone will be able to use the app with no issues at all, and I think you're really gonna love the Mac version.  Using this at 6000 or more pixels across is a sight to behold.

Interview just before launch at Buck's with +Robert Scoble -
Below is the original video right when we were about to launch.  I didn't know how big it was gonna be back then!  

and now...

Beta Test the Mac Version now!
Try now, even before it gets into the App Store for Free!

Enjoy! All I ask, is that if you have any bugs that you contact The amazing development team here will patch up any problems before official release.  Here are some cool new features beyond the Android and iOS versions, and even well beyond the original video we created below!

- In the background, we download all the images so that you can quickly cycle through all the images in a given area when looking at Featured Photos (the main view)

- Stretch your window as wide as you want, even 10,000+ pixels across multiple screens! 

- Double click (or use two fingers up and down) to zoom in and out of the map

- Try the DOWNLOAD ALL button in the lower left to grab all the images from the window and turn them into a new trip.

- Swap the view around from Satellite to Standard to Hybrid to get another view

- Start building your trips NOW for submissions for the Editor's Pick!  See below.

- Need Trip-Ideas?  Easy!  Just click on the HOME and go to the Featured Lists to see things like Top 50 Castles on Earth or Top 50 Secret Spots in New York City.

- Want to change your "Personality" in the app?  Go to the Settings on the Home Screen (the little gear icon) or Click on the big Stuck On Earth logo in the upper right.

- Submit your trip for an Editor's Pick!  Note that we actually prefer the trip that you put together not to be your own photos so there is a better selection for other people visiting your city or a favorite spot... You can start building the trips now for submission! :)

Mac Version Download Link: - It's a zip file.  Just unzip and drop into your Applications Folder.  Enjoy! :)

Thanks again to the incredible team with +Mark Powell  +Will Kelly  +Topher Martini  +Will Kelly  +Andy Gillis  +Karen Hutton  +Curtis Simmons  +Luke Lakatosh  +Antonis Karalis  !

I have a slightly longer article with more stuff over at the blog at  
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Does anyone know if you can SHARE your trips with friends?
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Stuck On Earth

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Stuck On Earth… coming soon to the Mac!

Explore the world on your iPhone / Android device, and very soon from your Mac!

The Stuck On Earth team is thrilled to give the community more ways to explore the world and plan your own adventures.

Be sure to check out more info at:
Comment to get it! :) Who wants the first batch of Stuck on Earth at 6000+ pixels across!!?!

We've already released the Android and iTunes versions, and now the incredible Mac version is almost ready to go....! I've been using it to plan all my photo trips, as it's one of the only things I actually prefer to Google Maps because it automatically clusters photo locations by The Most Interesting.  It also allows you to save your trips, photo-spots, and maps offline, because I know you rarely have internet in the middle of a good adventure.  Our development team has done an incredible job of this!

And yes, we are continuing to make a series of updates and changes to the iOS and Android versions.  iOS seems especially popular, were we have over a Million updates! In case you don't already have these versions, you can get them from .

Let me show you something else cool.  See that "Download All" button in the bottom left?  It actually automatically makes a trip for you by sucking up all the photos that are at that current zoom level.  This is very helpful later when you are on the road and wonder, "What good photo ops are there just over that hill?"

Enjoy!  Thanks again to the amazing team that built such an incredible app.
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Loading it now! Sweet! This will be accountability for me to go out and take photos.
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Stuck On Earth

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(Screenie from the Mac version that is beta!)

I am going down to Te Anau soon on the south island of New Zealand, and I wanted to find some new photos spots... so I added 13 places to my trip.  You can see down below I have 13 spots saved to visit when I go down there.  And yes, it saves all the pictures and the map offline so I can find it again when I go down there! :)
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I would love to have Linux version as well.
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Stuck On Earth

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What's this?  The new version of Stuck on Earth for the Mac?  How WIIIIIDE is your monitor?  2000 pixels across?  3000?  6000?  No worries... you can make that Mac window as WIDE as you want...  oh man, this is Stuck on Earth in it's ultimate form! :)
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I don't believe this, I must try it on my own ;-)!
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Stuck On Earth

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We just submitted to the Google Play store for Android!  It works on Android Phones and Tablets.  Here are a few photos I just screengrabbed from my Galaxy Nexus.  
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It's lost.
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Stuck On Earth

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Hang on Android fans (Like me! I use one!) -- check out these new screens that are in development...  The Android version is looking really good!

It'll be ready when it's ready! :) 
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Yes thanks - just submitted it to the app store! :)
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