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Here is a great idea for any Super Bowl Party:  Sesame Chicken Wonton Cups. Restaurant style Chinese food in a bite size cup!
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+steve cylka I would love to have you do a cooking demo with us for the Superbowl.  G+ is having us do live demos, it will really help your presence on G+  I also sent you an invite into our community, hope to see you there.
sounds interesting. So they are live video demos? How long do they usually last? Are there any archived so I can see what and how people have done them in the past?
i +steve cylka I have a few on my you tube channel , you want them to be around 15 minutes.  It would be live using Hangouts on Air.  I actually have a community hangout tonight on the subject of hangouts.  But if you want to know more +Gareth Mark +Stephanie Manley and +Jennifer Field have done quite a few and they can offer some insights as well.  Did you get the invite to the community, most everything will go on in there.  The days are Jan 28 - Feb 2  12 noon - 8:30 PM EST.
Hi +steve cylka, hope you'll join our community as well as do a live demo for us. I'd love to see these Sesame Chicken Wonton Cups made. If you have a spare hour (actually a bit less) we did a panel discussion on doing Food Demos HoAs last week. The Event page with the video is here:

If you have any questions about the Demos or doing HoAs, please ask. 
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