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Working with influencers in your brand campaigns could save your brand, as long as you follow the rules of the game and you truly understand why influencers are so popular these days. First of all, the authenticity of your communication could scare even the most skilled brand manager. What do you mean with "the brand isn’t going to take 90% of the screen"?

If you’re also having these questions about a possible influencer campaign, you should check the meaning of the word authenticity and come back in 2017, where things are not as they used to be on TV.

What influencers do you need to work with? And what are those associations you should not accept?

Selecting the influencers you invite in your campaign (YouTube vloggers, bloggers, social media stars or niche journalists) needs to be done taking into consideration more than one variable. The first and the most important? The type of audience that you’ll reach. The figures are also not to be ignored, otherwise you can consume important time and budget resources and reaching mediocre results.

The quality analysis is key – as professional as the influencer communicates and behaves, the better the collaboration will turn out to be. Your communication team needs to analyze in detail the content delivered by that influencer, his/ her history and the actual results.

It’s crucial to do your homework before working with an influencer, first – to avoid any potential communication crisis and second, to provide suitable creative proposals. The influencer you want to work with should have some values, that he/she really respects – these could translate in the types of actions he/she approaches – the percent of advertising content from the total (and how this is handled from concept to results and follow up), the way the influencer truly represents the community in his actions (both online and offline) and the quality of the online presence (starting with the quality of the images and videos posted, continuing with the debates and the way the influencer handles its online critics).

If you can’t find these traits in the online profile of your influencer, you should think again on how beneficial this collaboration really is for your brand. Working with unsuited influencers could turn up to be pretty bad for your brand, so you need to choose the best people to collaborate with.

3 reasons why working with influencers is a good idea for your brand

First, let’s analyze some figures:

- The most important reason why users are installing adblock type of apps are the fact that “the ads are intrusive or annoying”. The second most important reason? Because the online ads are disruptive. (source –

- 92% of users will most likely trust reviews written by other individuals, more than branded advertising (according to a MuseFind study). These is a type of behavior that you can surely recognize at yourself – how many times have you been reading a review on a product you wanted to purchase? And how many times you renounced on buying a product/ visiting a restaurant/ using a service because it had a lot of bad reviews?

- On mobile, the adblocker trend keeps on growing. The same HubSpot survey established that 83% of the respondents were appreciative of the existence of adblock-type features on their smartphone.

So, we’re looking at an online behavior pattern that clearly states that people don’t like advertisement that they are not interested in, that is not contextualized or related to their online action.
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And Here’s How You Build Your New & Awesome Promotional LP

Contest, an awareness campaign, Black Friday or a simple promotion – these are all events that need an awesome landing page on your website. You need a landing page because of its possible features, usefulness and looks, and because, and this you might have noticed until now, you can’t really count only on Facebook in all things related to your brand. First of all, on a landing page you can establish a conversion objective and the final figures will clearly show the way you’ve delivered the brand message – efficient or with a budget waste. Secondly, using another platform for a promo page than your own website could only appear to be useful, it’s actually difficult and resource waster.

Here are some elements you need to take into account when you’re coordinating the thinking and design of a landing page for your brand:

How can you choose the best structure?

Lately, studies on the online behavior and the online purchasing decision process have detailed some interesting conclusions – time spent on page, the way they interact with the interactive elements, the actions that users initiate, everything connected with the messages that got them on the landing page and the entire flow they follow, these are all elements that can be analyzed and predicted. More than that, each domain has its specifics – in fashion, online users will make purchase decisions based on certain parameters that won’t be valid in a domain such as car rentals, for example. So, establishing the perfect landing page structure depends on many variables, that are becoming more and more complex every day.

The good news is that sales principles can be applied in any type of landing page with a conversion objective (a form, a call to action button or a telephone number users are encouraged to use). You need an attractive header, photo or video, a strong headline, you need an area dedicated to presenting user benefits (the answer to that popular “what’s in it for me?” question) and a very clear form. Another important rule is to never add up links that will risk the user leaving the page (and never coming back).

If you want an excellent landing page, it’s not enough to simply apply these principles, but to also add up some creativity to communicating the brand world and also, you need to do some serious testing. You can try an A/B testing on your campaign, in the first campaign days – you’ll be surprised to see that the font size you’re writing your headline or the color of the CTA button can really impact your conversion rate.

A visible call to action

The mighty call to action. This is one of the most important elements on a landing page. It can be on the send info button, in your headline, in your subcopy or in the header video or it can appear as a pop up that activates when the user scrolls up to 30% of the page. No matter where it goes, if you’ve forgotten to communicate the user what you’re expecting of him, you may risk your entire campaign.

Research in CRO, UX and web design also speak about other elements that can be associated with the call to action, element that can increase the number of leads. For example – color (the debate is mainly between green and red), the position of the CTA (above or below the fold) but, from a designer perspective, the typography trend that could also improve the page’s looks.

The header – still image, gif or video?

Tendencies in web design show that a video or a gif header is extremely popular this year, having as a possible cause the fact that delivering this content throughout all types of devices has improved. A video header will definitely hook the users from the first second, but if it’s justified only because of the web designer’s preferences and doesn’t suit the campaign, it can be an error. It’s important to consider such an option only if it helps the user get closer to the brand and its world.

Another hot option for the header of a landing page is a huge image, that covers almost the entire first screen. Using this type of header, you’ll make sure the message of the visual has a bigger impact on the user.

One of the most often errors that can appear in creating a landing page is a busy header, trying too much to transmit all the information of the campaign. The result can have more than one disadvantage – any page that is too colored, with too many elements, without sufficient white space and with an overall noisy look simply makes users tired. Research in UX and web design show that there is a strong relation between the relaxation feeling induced by a clean, readable design and the way people perceive the brand experience on a landing page or website.

Video or no video?

Online video delivers results. That’s a fact. BUT If you only upload the TV spot on a web page, you might not solve that much for your brand. But if the video embedded on your landing page is a spin off of that TV commercial, that’s especially created for the web medium, that connects the campaign concept in an entertaining way, you’re starting to get somewhere!

In the same time, if you choose to add up a video on your landing page, make sure the technical implementation is beyond reproach. The video needs to be delivered without a flaw on any device and any resolution, for a great user experience.

What are animations and effects good for?

Another web design and UX trend is represented by the effects or animations that you might want to add to your page. Effects on buttons, the menu, on the header or a subtle effect while scrolling might deliver some nice dynamic for your page. So, a simple, static page, with no interaction, might look boring to Internet savvy users, so, in consequence, might not make your brand justice.

How do you optimize the form?

When you need to insert a form on your campaign landing page, it’s important to keep it simple. Too many questions might make users leave. But too little of them might not satisfy your information needs.

More than once, the form is the main conversion point on the page. Take care on offering the user enough incentive so that the form is worth the time. Don’t forget – the form needs to be flawless on mobile, too.

Another discovery made by researchers in CRO shows that the best option for a long form is that it’s organized in several chunks of information, it should look fun and be as simple and as clear as possible when it comes to copy and design. Don’t ignore the final part – your form should clearly state when it has ended and maybe even have a copy that encourages people to like your page, subscribe or several other secondary actions they might take after completing the form.

Bug testing

One of the most important stages in building a landing page is the bug testing. Make sure your team has checked every feature, on as many browsers and devices possible, to minimize the risk – you don’t want technical problems after the launch. This stage is crucial for making sure the entire campaign will be functional, from one end to another.

Results – what, how and when you should make the analysis

If you want an exceptional landing page, you need to start from an A/B test experiment. You’ll soon establish the optimal configuration of your landing page elements, if you’ve identified valuable hypothesis. At the end of such an experiment, if you’re lucky, 2 or three major improvements will be in order and this can definitely impact your conversion rate.

At the end of the campaign, the final reporting will follow, an analysis of all the indicators that offer the overall perspective of your landing page’s success – how many users actually clicked the CTA button, how many of the total have completed the participation form, how many left the page and even the map of all the actions and clicks have happened on the page. From this type of data, you can extract some nice insights about how people reacted to your landing page, that you can use to improve your next campaign.

If you want to know more about successful landing pages and if you’re interested on how to improve your conversion rate, let’s meet up and talk!
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Do You Know These 9 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media - Community Management?

Check full article:

You’ve started your brand’s fanpage with enthusiasm. You’ve worked with at least three agencies and a couple of consultants that ate up your budget faster than you can say “Facebook”. Hmm, Social media can be nice, but maybe not reccomended for my brand, you often think. And you’ve not yet got the hang on what its tipping points are, although you’re using Publish and Messages buttons with a high frequency.

So, we have made this useful list for you - Here are the most encountered mistakes when it comes to brands, marketing or brand managers and social media - community management. The good news? You don’t need to finish your Q3 budget to correct these, you only need to pay more attention and make some informed decisions. The bad news is that if you’ve never fully paid attention to social media, you might not really care. In this case, this article is not for you.

Social media isn’t only about Facebook
We know, the reach. But let’s start from the beginning. Let’s focus on the “social” part from social media. As you know, different audience categories prefer different online mediums for entertainment and for prolonging the social experience in online. Starting from this moment, interest, group trends and why now – a certain time, your audience could use 2, 3 or 5 social networks. That you can be in, to get its attention. Facebook is simply great, with an awesome penetration rate in Romania and should definitely be included on the top of the list of social networks you’re approaching in a campaign. But what about, the hippest thing this year for young audiences? What about those Romanian vloggers that just celebrated a million subscribers? What about Waze, Pinterest, the Instagram craziness? Blogs, snapchat, whatppad? Or even Tinder, or Vine?

All these networks do exist. And are used by the very precious early adopters. With a well thought of strategy, you can activate your audience in a highly efficient manner and get out of those automated-pilot campaigns. This, of course, if you wish to.

It’s not always about how much you post on social networks
More doesn’t necessarily mean better. It can also mean noisier, more stressful or simply a resource waste from your part. We do love a talker. But not when they babble or have monologues. If you post five times a week and your engagement is stagnant, you have a problem. Same goes with you posting once a month and your indicators aren’t growing. Yup, still a problem.

More than that, your content (on any social network), should also be good, not only more. For this, the bad news is that no one can really provide a tailored recipe, although the communication principles are clear – on any medium. Maybe now is the time to dedicate more resources on content creation. Or redirect some energy on analyzing the results.

Likes are no guarantee for engagement
Stop running for likes if your engagement is weak. What really helps (not only in those reports you send to your bosses or the region) is engagement. If it would be so simple, the game would only be about budgets. But you’ve surely noticed how simple your budget goes down the drain.

Engagement doesn’t only mean that the audience knows you exist. This wouldn’t be enough. It actually means that you’re receiving time, attention, you audience understood your communication message and – most important – reacted to it. Don’t underestimate the attention you’re getting. And don’t overestimate your brand’s importance, especially if, in reality, people don’t care.

Don’t neglect your competition
If you’ve managed to convince yourself that you’re two step ahead of you competition, congrats. You might just sabotaged your campaign. There’s always something to be learned from monitoring your competition. This doesn’t mean that you need to xerox your competitor’s ideas. But, analyzing thoroughly the situation, you simply can do what the others aren’t doing. Or, doing faster, better, more dedicated, what the others are doing in a mediocre way. This could be enough to make you win your first battle for your audience.

Each category has its clichés. Can you improve this for your brand? Can you get rid of those with a fresh attitude on content? Can you be faster, smarter, better? Or more courageous?

The biggest problem in marketing departments, when it comes to social media and online, is the lack of vision. If you haven’t analyzed what happened with your brand online and in social media, if you haven’t sketched some clear conclusions, you can’t form a real opinion, one you can count on. And, in conclusion, you can’t draw a map for your brand’s future. You’ll make the same mistake over and over again, amazed that your brand isn’t growing like Jack’s magic beans. And like your competition seems to grow. Breaking news: it’s not the haters or your office’s Feng Shui. It’s a responsibility that you’re ignoring.

The detailed analysis on every spike in traffic and attention from your audience, creative associations or extracting, using discernment, valuable insights from your fans and followers – there are all essential elements in your work. Using discernment, as in not simply selecting what validates your personal opinions, but analyzing the community feedback objectively.

You think you know everything about social media?
This is never a good sign. We’re talking about a domain where trends come and go so fast that no one gets to predict them right. Ok, maybe you’ve got some solid marketing experience, and you’ve decided that you’ve stopped learning. But what about those details that really are important? What’s hot this summer in terms of social media, apps and tech? What new features Facebook launches in autumn and how to integrate them in your communication plan?

If you don’t have the time or the budget to participate in social media and digital conferences and events, if you’re not reading at least an hour a day articles and analysis about trends in online, then you truly don’t know everything about social media. And the fact that you don’t know could mean that you’ve just missed the moment for a super nice network that, in a week, will be your audience’s favorite.

Another problem that comes from the vain attitude of “social media has no secrets for me” is that you’ll simply explain in a wrong, subjective or too simplistic way those digital situations and trends that you’re facing. This could lead to you being always happy and content about your campaigns. But not because these are really really awesome, but because you kind of lost contact with reality.

Social content is not about uploading your TV spot on the Internet
You’ve found a campaign concept you love, you rolled that spot on TV for some time you’ve uploaded it to YouTube and even managed to publish a Facebook spot. Another successful campaign. Maybe you’re already thinking about a promotion, this autumn?

Rewind. Social content is something else. You don’t what a simple, repetitive idea. You want versatile content that articulates your campaign content on the specificities of each social network, smart executions that would generate some viral audience applauses, you want web video, infographics, communications that your competitor’s couldn’t think of, a coherent tone of voice from head to toes, a hook premises and an entertaining campaign. What’s at the end of this? You’ll be able to really get that promotion, all figures and analysis at hand.

You’re happy when your audience is sending positive comments, you’re sad when you’re inbox is full of hate. Maybe you’ll tell your colleagues about the bad people on the Internet.. The truth is that haters could be your best friends. Most cases, when an audience representative shows you a problem, that’s a good thing. Because you can solve it.

Before getting angry on the Internet and on the young crazy millennials that are to blame for everything, make an objective analysis, get down from your impeccable-brands-and-marketing-ivory-tower and get a reality check. What if your haters are right? What are you going to do? For sure, do not ignore these messages, do not leave them behind, hanging around your comments box like a bad label. Do something about them. Reply in a positive manner, take action if there are comments related to the quality of your products.

Each brand has its specifics. If you take 100% of the templates that you read online or listen to in various conferences, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your brand is limping in social media. Get inspired, don’t copy - be creative. Find what’s different about your product or service and don’t make its communication flat and boring. If you’re a Brand Manager, you need to have noticed that if everyone’s applying the same recipe, if you are just replicating what are others doing using the same methods, it usually goes nowhere.

If you want more information about social networks and if you want to improve your perspective on how your brand can win its place in social media, let’s meet up for a coffee!
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E-mailing: The Secret Weapon in Digital Marketing. Are You Missing Out?

No, it’s not social media. Nor content. Although these are really important and can bring efficient results. We’re talking about e-mail marketing. That half-century old thing, that just got better in the last years, with data driven marketing, automatization, personalization and segmentations, but also success indicators that are more and more complex and, of course, fresh leads for every marketer that’s ready to work his way up.

Let’s start from the beginning. How should a succesful campaign look like?

It should have a clear purpose

Any e-mail campaign should clearly state from its title and from its sender’s address its importance. And this importance should exist, if it addresses only those people for who actually need the information. Think about the difference between receiving an email campaign from your favorite online bookstore that announces the best sellers this month, versus an email title that announces that a book you wanted to order but wasn’t available is now ready to be shipped.

Added value

Your subscribers should receive something that is more than they imagined. Not you latest promotion. Not the already cliché logic of magical solutions to invented needs, that will actually make your subscribers click unsubscribe so fast, you won’t see them leaving. But relevant and entertaining information.

From transactions to relationships

Here’s where you can get creative and focused on what the user really needs. O simple transaction has its rules – a good price, a good product value, purchasing methods and so on. To get a relationship going with your subscriber, now that’s a different story. We’re now discussing trust, some kind of partnership, attention and both sides of the story not wasting each other’s time. A smart e-mail campaign should use, more than any other medium, both the technical opportunities and creativity and clarity in communication.

An e-mail campaign can have great results, if you’ll take into account these three rules. More than that, e-mail could become an excellent medium for growing your brand, even if the variables are more sophisticated. These can bring concrete results, such as nice, fresh leads and insights to your integrated campaign. Here are some false e-mail marketing myths that you might want to reconsider.

All e-mail campaigns look alike

Designing an e-mail campaign is not a walk in the park. Along with the small technical challenges that the designer and the codes should fix in no time – such as the lack of a design standard when it comes to e-mail clients and the fact that a campaign needs to be tested on multiple browser and e-mail clients such as gmail, yahoo or outlook, the actual design could be as creative, as minimalist, intense and innovative as any other piece of the overall campaign.

In 2017, the successful e-mail campaigns could have interactive design elements, animations, videos or even integrated life feeds. And the principles of brand experience interfaces are more than relevant - working with micro focus areas, an essential-only approach when working in the layout, a clear UX and so on.

They only work in e-commerce

The correction here would be that they do work in sales. But, at the end of the day, we’re sure you’re reading this article because you’re also selling something. It’s a marketing tactic that should be in the sales discussion, but since we’re talking about online, the design and the copy should be integrated in the overall communication campaign, as best as possible.

Secondly, although e-commerce seems to benefit most of e-mail campaigns ( personalization in the user flow is clearly useful and the results are instantly visible), the online conversion in online doesn’t always mean the actual sales of a product.

E-mail marketing is old school

If you think that e-mail marketing is old school, than what do you think about big data personalization? HTML5 videos in e-mails? Interactivity? Search bars that work right in your inbox? Automated e-mails that direct and make the user familiar with your website while gathering precious insights? These are actually the 2017 trends when it comes to e-mail marketing.

So think again, and think better about e-mail marketing. It can become your secret weapon in your digital marketing strategy.
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Edition #3_ ONLINE VIDEO: Your Company Presentation? Definitely a Video

Atunci când lansezi un produs sau un serviciu şi gândeşti o campanie de comunicare, un video poate fi un element cheie de a explica atât beneficiile cât şi trăsăturile noului produs. Producţia şi thinking-ul din spatele unui video de prezentare al unui produs sau serviciu, mai ales dacă e vorba de cele de tehnologie, au o miză importantă – trebuie să capteze atenţia userului încă din primele secunde, să comunice extrem de clar funcţionalitatea produsului şi utilitatea sa. Cum faci un video de prezentare de succes?

Include clipul de prezentare într-o campanie integrată

Un singur video nu va fi de ajuns, oricât de bun ar fi. Dacă pregăteşti lansarea unui produs sau serviciu tech, toate mediile pe care la ai la dispoziţie trebuie integrate cu mesajele de comunicare. Clipul video poate fi, în această perspectivă, embed-uit pe un landing page care să conţină mai multe informaţii sau poate fi în sine un punct de conversie, în funcţie de structura sa şi scopul campaniei.

Animaţie, scurt metraj sau colaj video?

Şi în ceea ce priveşte stilul clipului, nu trebuie să ieşi din brief. Cu cât limbajul vizual ales este folosit coerent, pe toate mediile pe care comunici o campanie de lansare şi cu cât acel limbaj vizual este ales după cât de familiar este publicului ţintă, cu atât mai bune vor fi rezultatele. Pentru a lua această decizie, porneşte de la buyer persona şi de la conceptul campaniei.

Elementele script-ului

Clipul video de prezentare ar trebui să aibă un script foarte uşor de înţeles de către viitorii tăi clienţi. O eroare ar fi să gândeşti acest video doar în termeni de sales. Chiar dacă elemente precum beneficii, context şi funcţionalităţi sau trăsături ale produsului tău sunt esenţiale, acestea trebuie arătate într-un mod entertaining. Clasicul video animat cu problemă-soluţie-beneficii este deja un clişeu.

Elementele grafice şi soundtrack-ul

Multe start-ups din zona tech folosesc elemente grafice sau template-uri cumpărate de pe site-uri de profil pentru video-urile de prezentare. Această decizie se dovedeşte a fi una destul de slabă pe termen lung, desi pe termen scurt e o soluţie rapidă. Practic, rişti să foloseşti aceleaşi elemente ca un competitor, sau ca altă companie de tehnologie, ceea ce înseamnă, pe scurt, că vei arăta pe online la fel ca ceilalţi.

Varianta ideală este să găseşti o agenţie cu care să lucrezi şi care să îţi producă video-ul şi elementele grafice custom, pentru a-ţi întări claimul şi a-ţi delimita clar teritoriul de brand.

De ce ai nevoie de un video de prezentare?

Dacă tocmai pregăteşti o campanie online de lansare a unui produs sau serviciu şi nu ai integrat şi un video de prezentare, iată motivele pentru care ar trebui să-l incluzi pe lista ta:

Un video te va ajuta cel mai bine să educi publicul despre beneficiile produsului tău.
Mai ales în tehnologie, unele funcţionalităţi pot fi greu de explicat tehnic, de aceea, un clip video de prezentare poate simplifica, cu ajutorul animaţiilor, acest proces.
Consumatorii obişnuiţi să se informeze pe Internet vor aprecia o metodă care le simplifică viaţa – e mai uşor să vezi un video decât să citeşti mult text.
Cu un clip video, poţi adăuga o notă creativă campaniei, chiar poţi folosi principiile de digital storytelling – dacă lucrezi cu o agenţie cu experienţă în web video, te asiguri că produsul sau serviciul tău va beneficia de vizibilitatea potrivită.
Dacă te gândeşti sa integrezi un video de prezentare in campania ta şi nu ştii de unde să începi, scrie-ne şi hai să ne întâlnim să ne povesteşti mai multe!
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Edition #1 _ Online videos: WHY VLOGGERS?

1 million subscribers. Hundred thousands views for a clip. Hundreds of comments. And the reach of a French donut or fidget spinners video, higher than your last few posts from that campaign you’ve been planning for months. Say HI to two Romanian youtubers. Fresh, spontaneous, 14 or 25 years old and regardless of their core audience group, they’ve gained young audiences (and not only) on their side, faster than we say in meetings “communication concept and creative guidelines for a brand awareness campaign”

Here’s what you could learn from the vloggers or from the content creators in YouTube, but also the reasons why it’s important to add such a collaboration in your next campaign.

Everything 4 the Audience.
Vloggers grow their audiences because they read, debate and integrate the fan’s feedback in their content. On YouTube you simply can’t grow unless you really understand what people want from you, what makes them tick and… also - if you’re not one of them. As a vlogger, you’ll be paying for every error, for every fake reaction. You’ll receive, in a simple and clear manner, a lot of feedback from the audience, if you disappoint them. Where hate is like decreasing sales, unhappy customers and a PR crisis. Sounds familiar, huh?

To keep it short, vloggers never get to be popular unless they develop a really close, direct and active relationship with their audience.

Interest Based Community
Communities that build up around vloggers are interest-based. Targeted content, an authentic voice, a friendly presence and a constant brainstorming atmosphere, along with the most active online fans. The actual interest? Any. Cooking, lifestyle, gaming, cars, fashion, tech or even general topics.

This means that no matter if you’re online and willing to listen to your audience, they will not talk if they don’t care about your message.

“I’m not a professional chef, but I was passionate about cooking ever since I was a kid. I think the audience got close to me and my videos for this reason – I never proposed them a pretentious style, but an accessible one, where I explain in detail every recipe. I am really happy when I receive messages from my audience, it’s encouraging to see how much someone can be happy about managing, with your support, to make a good and healthy recipe for their kids or family”, says Geanina, the creators of the video recipes from JamilaCuisine.

JamilaCuisine recently celebrated 400 000 YouTube subscribers and her newest video recipe gathered, in only 2 days since being published, 30 000 views and 93 comments on YouTube. The short recipe (published on JamilaCuisine fanpage) got to over 135k views, 2700 likes, 426 shares and over 30 comments on Facebook. JamilaCuisine’s most popular video recipe is the Marocan salad, which gathered, in 4 years since being published, over 3 million views.

Highly Creative and FUN Content
Opposite to the TV atmosphere of a show, with its complicated preparations, directing and scripts, vlogs are much more relaxed. And from here until pumping creativity on a full speed, there’s only one step. Especially when we are looking at how vlogs for younger audiences are growing, it’s obvious that we’re looking to a world where the commonly shared values are spontaneity, self-irony, fun, a day to day stand-up comedy, with lots of entertaining ideas and subjects.

“We laugh the most when we’re actually shooting. We start by thinking about a subject, and then we simply shoot all the ideas we have. Most of the ideas just pop up on the spot. We usually spend most time on editing the video and reading, to catch up on the audience’s feedback” tell us Vlad and Cristi Munteanu, twin brothers with YouTube channels that add up, together, almost 800 000 subscribers, with videos that range from 200 000 views and a million and a half in views.

Here’s one of the most popular videos created by the Munteanu brothers:

For your brand, this means…

Working with vloggers in a campaign insures the access to a nice, active, online community;
The entertaining content created by a vlogger can help your brand point out the campaign claim
An integrated campaign, well thought of, can have as a spearhead the social mediums and a vlogger’s partnership, as mediums both creative and efficient.
The 5 top YouTube stars in 2017

The most popular vlogger nowadays, according to a top made by, is PewDiePie, a Swedish based comedian, video producer and gamer that started his YouTube account in 2010, since then, publishing videos mostly about gaming. Since 2013, he is the most subscribed user on YouTube. Some of his controversial vlogs have made him loose contracts, such as the one with Disney, earlier this year. PewDiePie currently has over 55 million subscribers, and here’s how one of his most popular videos looks like:

Smoosh is the second YouTube channel in the “star” top in 2017. The comedian duo, Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla, are active on YouTube since 2005, and they have reached a community of 22 milion subscribers, with videos that discuss or laugh about movies and games.

On the third place, there’s a “React” specialized channel. Fine Brothers (Benny and Rafi) have collaborated on videos with other YouTubers, and have been sponsored by companies such as Ford or Comedy Central. One of their most viewed videos from Fine Brothers is Kids react to Harlem Shake:

Lindsey Sterling, occupying the forth place, is an American violinist, dancer, performance artist and composer – on her YouTube channel, created in 2007, she publishes choreographed violin performances, such as this nice one, that got to over 149 million views, since 4 years ago, when it was published:

Good Mythical Morning, produced by Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Neal III that both started out as engineers but ended up as content creators. One of their most popular video is this video, where they eat the world’s hottest pepper – Carolina Reaper.

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Attention - Statistics! Go Digital and Do it Now!

The number of smartphones in Romania is growing. Also, the actual time spent by Romanians online. Online shopping is starting to get really popular. In 2017, it’s mandatory, if you want to grow a powerful brand, to understand and benefit from this extremely offering context. But not in a superficial manner, without paying attention and with the help of the “ace of all spades” employee. Going digital requires some responsible speeding, otherwise you’ll only get mediocre results.

Let’s understand the figures we’re talking about, on a national level, when we’re discussing the digital environment:

16 million active internet mobile connections

In 2012, there was a 25% smartphone penetration rate and in 2015, this rate was rapidly passing 63%, according to An almost incredible increase. What does this mean for you? Basically, every month you don’t pay attention to these potential clients – that are adding up to a nice pool of people, that are more and more used to the digital environment, with a more and more sophisticated understanding of all types of mediums – you’re losing. Losing control, budget, clients. And while you are losing, someone else is winning.

Almost 10 million Facebook users

According to Facebrands, in January 2017, the penetration rate of the most important social network in Romania was of 44,4% of the entire population and 85,44% in Romanians that use the internet. The two segments that make together almost 50% of Romanians active on Facebook are aged 25-34 and 34-44.

The bad news is that on this medium, you’re entering a fight to get their attention. They are not waiting for you, they won’t barge your shop doors as soon as you publish a new promotion, but quite the reverse – they’re critical and have a much more complicated profile than the woman that cooks and cleans and the man that only like sports and beer. In the digital world, it’s really not the same with TV. They need creative and relevant content, a transparent engagement, fulfilled promises and instant reaction. And that’s only the beginning of creating memorable experiences.

Online Media Channels that can be required in your digital communication and need to be compliant with your category and specifications

We’re talking YouTube, instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat,, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp and others. Activating any medium needs to be started only if, following some analysis, it’s logical – from a strategic perspective, for your brand to be there. Basically, if your audience is there.

Romanian companies are on the last place promoting themselves oonlinen the Internet

At the end of 2016, a study published by Eurostat showed that Romania is, again, on the bottom of the list. Only 40% of the Romanian companies have their own website and only 25% use Internet advertising. Compared to the majority of EU companies, that have their own website in a 77% proportion and massively use Internet advertising. In our region, we scored even lower figures than Bulgarians and Hungarian companies.

Takeaway ideas:

You need to understand that the figures mentioned here are real opportunities. First of all, the results are up to you, as a Marketing Director or a Company Owner – if you understand the importance of digital nowadays, the others will only follow the leader;
The channels where your brand is activating should not be chosen randomly or with a copy paste from your competitor’s actions – if you have a results based digital strategy, a BDB and a edgy creative team, you can surely find some innovative ways for reaching your audience;
The digital related myths are many and most of them will be rapidly crushed – it’s not cheap, it’s not simple and not everyone will offer you good results.
Find an agency you can trust, that can become your long-term partner and start building your digital communication. And don’t forget – where you’re hesitating or losing the momentum, someone else is winning. Even now!
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Salariu mai mare? Poate o promovare? Aprecierea muncii tale, a șefului și a echipelor din rețea? Fii tare pe Digital

Sau de ce ar trebui să lucrezi cu o agenţie de Digital Creative (independent de mărimea bugetului)

Ca Manager sau, mai mult, Director de Marketing, ai multe (şi mai multe) pe cap. Fiindcă digitalul e un domeniu nou (sau aşa ţi se pare, fiindcă nu ai avut timp sau oameni valoroşi în echipă alături de care să creşti brandul în online), se întâmplă des să laşi digitalul la finalul listei de priorităţi. De multe ori am observat ca este amestecat cu …. BTL-ul?? Aceeasi linie de buget, Digital & BTL & Others? În consecinţă, brandul tău e prăfuit, arată, vorbeşte şi se mişcă pe online ca în 1998 (mai lipseste conexiunea dial-up). Mai grav decât atât, lipsa de atenţie poate dăuna brandului tău mai mult decât tutunul – activările slabe, făcute pe genunchi, negândite şi implementate de specialişti fără experienţă pot trimite consumatorii tăi direct (şi rapid) la competiţie.

Iată trei motive pentru care, realist vorbind, ar trebui să preferi o agenţie de Digital Creative:


Da, da. Ai citit bine. Dacă principala ta grijă e cum să cheltui bugetul în mod eficient, atunci valoarea serviciilor e singura premisă de care trebuie să ţii cont. Altfel, şedinţele tale de strategie digitală vor arăta ca în scena asta din Yes, man:

Un singur angajat nu îţi va oferi niciodată ce îţi poate oferi o echipă de agenţie – un strateg, un account, un copy, un art, un researcher si un head of digital strategy. Dacă ai recrutat vreodată, poate ai aflat – angajatul “jack of all trades” pe care-l cauţi, care să ştie şi web copy, şi community management, şi un pic de Photoshop, şi web design, şi strategie digitală, şi research şi media buying, şi poate şi un pic de editare video, că ai auzit că şi asta se poartă, nu există. Sau dacă există pe hârtie, nu are, în realitate, decât 2 din 8 skills. Din nou, necunoaşterea realităţii din digital te-au adus într-un punct mort – pierzi bani, imagine, consumatori. Sau toate trei.

Ce se întâmplă în cazul unei echipe de agenţie? În primul rând, există seniori. Adică oameni care lucrează în online de când s-a arătat internetul pe plaiurile noastre – adică zeci, dacă nu chiar sute de campanii la activ. Pe lângă asta, rolurile sunt specializate – strategul nu face web design, account-ul nu scrie conceptele de campanie, iar art-ul nu îţi va seta campania de media online. Pe lângă asta, oamenii ăştia petrec ore bune cu gândul la brieful tău, ceea ce creşte calitatea ideilor pe care le primeşti.

Toate astea duc la value for money. Şi foarte puţin risc pentru tine. Spre deloc.


Până şi cei mai pasionaţi marketing manageri sau antreprenori au un punct orb în ceea ce priveşte brandul lor. Care e dat fix de calitatea lor cea mai mare – pasiunea cu care construiesc şi cu care muncesc. E uman şi normal ca după ce ani în şir lucrezi la acelaşi brand, să fii orbit de obişnuinţă. Să intri în rutină, să tragi concluzii distorsionate (care îţi apără munca), să mergi pe ideile safe şi să nu te mai poţi conecta cu realitatea de zi cu zi a consumatorului tău. Şi cel mai greu lucru – să recunoşti că eşti depăşit, că nu poţi dedica timp şi că pur şi simplu ai nevoie de parteneri de lucru pe care să te poţi baza. Si nu doar niste oameni care să te aprobe, ci unii care sa te inteleaga.

Şi aici vine echipa de agenţie. Gândeşte-te că ai de-a face cu oameni care lucrează săptămânal la 3 concepte de campanii, simultan, pentru trei branduri total diferite. Obişnuinţa lor este să nu se obişnuiască prea mult, să funcţioneze într-un ritm rapid şi intens, o abordare neopbisnuita, care sa declanseze o gandire atipica ceea ce duce – evident – la idei creative. O completare perfectă pentru abordarea ta 100% concentrată pe brand şi pe produs. Cel mai preţios lucru – ideile rezultate dintr-o asemenea colaborare, dintre două viziuni complementare, într-un mediu ca digitalul, care permite atât de multe idei creative si unde regulile, iată, nu mai există


Să spunem că angajatul tău de online pleacă la mare 2 săptămâni. Sau la mare si la munte, dar tot două săptămâni. Între timp, comunicarea ta stagnează, deadline-urile vin şi trec ca o decapotabilă pe A2, şi dacă eşti norocos, toate se sparg în capul tău. Dacă nu ai norocul ăsta, lipsa unui singur om impactează direct rezultatele – la final de lună, te trezeşti cu toate săgeţile din rapoarte obosite, arătând în jos.

Sau, mai rău, angajatul îşi dă demisia. Cum nimeni nu îl va înlocui curând pentru ca – ghici – in online sunt foarte putini specialisti care inteleg real nevoile tale, iar tu, manager de marketing, eşti ocupat cu alte taskuri, te poţi trezi de-abia trei luni mai tarziu. Deschizi calculatorul de dimineaţă şi te gândeşti oare ce se mai întâmplă cu internetul brandului tău şi de ce oare nu a trimis nimeni nicio campanie de email în ultimele luni? Site-ul nu a mai fost updatat de câţiva ani, iar pe reţelele sociale fanii tăi au stins lumina şi-au plecat. Şi, mai important, oare cine ar putea avea parolele de la tot acest coşmar cu Analytics şi YouTube şi Facebook şi Pinterest?

Varianta 1 este să preiei tot tu toată această responsabilitate. Nu are cum să fie atât de nasol să nu îţi vezi familia în weekend pentru că stai închis în biroul de acasă să îţi termini munca… Sau, varianta 2, să îţi găseşti o agenţie de Digital Creatives. Bineînţeles, te poţi întoarce întotdeauna la recrutarea unui om –departament, dacă nu vezi nimic greşit în cele de mai sus.

Ce înseamnă responsabilitatea unui cont într-o agenţie:

Întotdeauna doi oameni care corectează un articol pentru blogul tău înainte ca acesta să fie publicat;
La tine ajung idei de campanii şi activări pe digital trendsetting, validate de experienţa unor oameni care nu sunt nici la prima campanie, si nici nu le tremura stomacul sa vina sa iti spuna adevarul despre brandul tau in online, chiar daca asta este posibil sa te supere putin;
Brainstorming pentru concepte de comunicare pentru brandul tău la masa de prânz;
Există întotdeauna muncă depusă pentru fiecare idee care ajunge la tine;
Rapoarte detaliate, şi, dacă ai noroc de-o agenţie proactivă, consultanţă gratis, propuneri de campanii şi un partener pe termen lung, co-interesat sa livreze rezultate impreuna cu tine;
Ai trei-patru oameni în echipă, nu unul, iar experienţa lor adunată în online, va depăşi, într-un caz fericit, 30 de ani. De ce să nu beneficiezi de asta?
Viziunea noastră este aşadar să fii relaxat, să îţi bei cafeaua în linişte, în timp ce echipele de digital creatives din agenţie lucrează pentru brandurile tale.
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