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Reading from another site: Understanding Dysgraphia My personal experience with my boy is in the article. Understanding the problem and the difficulties he is facing is a way to find a solu...

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Social Expectations I
took me some time to adjust to social expectations and I wouldn't say I'm doing a
good job! Along the way, we learn the process, gain some skills, update
regarding what's new, what's cheap, what's happening etc..... You learn
more about people, y...

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Register your babies!
" People who make babies then dump them, regardless where and how theyre
dumped, should be spayed like pet animals. So they dont ruin anymore
newborns lives" ML One of the comment read. I don't blame people actually having this feeling about unwed moms Oh...

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Kids project - what they saw on youtube 2015
My son may be slow in reading and we are at the initial stages of  getting professional help to improve his writing, concentration and social interaction but that doesn't stop him from making stuff. His favourite youtube sites are Mist8k, CrazyPT & Crazy Ru...

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Qing Fang Noodle House as of 16 October 2015
 This is near Festival City, price was reasonable with the portion given. Hand made noodles with a variety of gravy.  You can actually see the process of noodle making while waiting for your food.

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I'm losing on hope.
Now I'm dead rental as of Jan 2016 increased extra 300. My pay will be
reduced in December because I didn't achieve 10 delegates. All in January 2016!! My eldest goes to secondary
school on the 4th of January. Questions arises, should we delay back to sc...

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December 2015 Activity Online
Hey Mommas, here is some activities the kids can done online. My kids were exposed to Pocket Code and from there they moved to Java Coding on Khan Academy. Develop their interest and creativity first. Log on the website and enjoy the fun filled activities. 

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Definition of Dysgraphia
Dysgraphia Student having difficulty writing while doing school work, expressing symptoms of Dysgraphia.Affects a person’s handwriting ability and fine motor skills. A person with this specific learning disability may have problems including illegible handw...
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