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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! 

Younger customers likely haven’t thought about life insurance. They don’t see it as something they need, at least not at the moment, so they may not have considered it yet. 

They believe they can wait on life insurance until they have kids or someone dependent on them and their income. BUT health events happen every day that can make people uninsurable, or make their life insurance unaffordable when they need it.

In reality, it could be much smarter and a more economical decision for them to buy life insurance while they are young and healthy rather than later in life. 

Take a vow to think about it now! Use the advantage of your youth and good health, buy life insurance when it is inexpensive!

Call our offices to find out how affordable it is! 
Waynesfield 419-568-4801 or Wapak 419-738-9365
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